Created by Executive Chef, Daniel Humm and General Manager, Will Guidara, this cookbook sets out to reveal the style, innovation and  passion it takes to run one of the best, and true fine-dining restaurants in New York City, if not the world. This book goes through each season, showcasing ingredients and recipes and cooking techniques that highlight the season’s bounty.

In the food and restaurant world, Eleven Madison Park is one of those establishments that people just know. Even if you’ve never been there, you have heard of it and want to someday visit. Their reputation in delivering a true experience in fine dining and service, resonates with those who not only enjoy dining, but have a respect and understanding of what it takes to pull off creating and executing this day in and day out.

This cookbook, with over 350 pages of beautiful food photography, essays and recipes, is one not only a great addition to one who collects cookbooks, but can also be like a textbook to culinary enthusiasts, professionals and foodies alike.

Everyday home cooks may think that these recipes are not practical for everyday cooking, and they’re probably right. But what this book can offer the home cook is to show that even though some of these ingredients are not easily found in your local big box grocer, than most of the ingredients are more easily found at the farmers markets and really are simple ingredients, just elevated with very advanced cooking skills. Why not sometimes try a challenging recipe? This will only increase your knowledge in cooking and make you a much better home cook!

I take a cookbook like this and not only can I spend hours gazing through the photos, but I take ideas that may seems far-fetched, and see how I can take that idea and make it possible for home cooks to make it in their own kitchen, using simple ingredients and basic cooking techniques.

My son Elijah who is ten years old, a self-proclaimed foodie himself, was so excited to read it that he spent all of his breakfast reading ingredients and quizzing me on what they were. With each turn of the page, I could hear he and his little sister, Sofia yell “Ooooohhhh!! Look at that!”, pointing at the food photos. That made me pleasantly happy.

Chef Daniel Humm and Will Guidara are conducting their tour, and have visited Chicago to a key group of food writers, which I was so happy to be invited to on Monday, November 14.

Daniel Humm and Will Guidara
Photographs by Francesco Tonelli
Little, Brown and Company
November 11, 2011
$50.00/ hardcover
384 pages/ 200 four-color photographs<><>