5 Decoration Options for Your Market Basket Cake

If you're into tasting some sweet goods at convenient prices, you might take a walk to the nearest Market Basket. Their products are versatile and so popular that you might even have a favorite one. They come in standard shapes which fit most decorating ideas. You can adjust a cake for a birthday or event up to the point when no one recognizes it as part of the MB catalog.

Why Decorate a Cake on Your Own?

You add a new meaning to the cherry on top when making decorations yourself. If you’re the creative type, then you have all the freedom it takes to invent fonts, mix up colors and test results on treats you get to eat after. If you’re organizing a party, but aren’t the star of the event, you will also spare the birthday person/couple of the work involved in ordering and pick up a cake.
Prices are more convenient. Purchasing a standard cake requires less execution time and lower costs. Custom cakes have a base price and extra charging for each decoration, filling and adding you plan to personalize. If you already know how an MB cake tastes like, you can afford easier plan costs. Moreover, you can later use the tools for other occasions or borrow them from a baker friend.
Average costs at MB go around $8 - $45. However, they depend on the number of servings you need. Look for additional resources to find out more about all Market Basket cakes prices to see which fits your event.
Aside from having full control over the result, you have different benefits when purchasing a regular cake for later decoration. Custom-made cakes cannot be returned. Moreover, you cannot provide bakers with feedback to completely change the cake after the beginning of the process.

5 Decorating Ideas for Your Market Basket Cake

There are benefits to purchasing a regular Market Basket cake and decorating it. Here are five ways to make the most of them and impress with the event's dessert.

1. Chocolate Bar Topping
They can be colored and joyful for a child’s birthday party or elegant and impressive for adults. The most common and tasty mixes come from white and dark chocolate. You can grab ball-shaped chocolate balls and stick them into wooden sticks. The pre-made chocolate truffles will look like popsicles that can bring a creative vibe to the cake or portrait you as an elegant childhood nostalgic.
•    You need to purchase the truffles or chocolate candy bars and chill them in the fridge.
•    Place the chocolate bar on a wooden skewer.
•    Find cake decorating pens and create patterns. Make sure each model only sticks to one chocolate bar, to have an overall complex effect.
•    Stick the toppers onto the cake and store the cake in a fridge

2. Doughnut Cake
A simple and quick way to decorate a cake is to turn it into a food delight. Other said, how about a sweet cake which also brings the flavor of doughnuts? The effort is minimal since most full-size frosted doughnuts come with colorful sprinkles already installed on them. They are available in almost all supermarkets. Additionally, you can also find sprinkles to decorate the cake further.
•    You will need a doughnut for each inch diameter your cake has. For example, 8-inch round cakes require eight doughnuts to fill their perimeter entirely.
•    Press full-size frosted doughnuts around the perimeter of the cake.
•    Decorate the top of the cake with extra sprinkles in coordinating colors to create a small shape.

3. Ombré Effects
You can create an ombré frosting effect which doesn't require additional decorating. Your cake will look like a cake with a smooth passing between two primary tones. The most effective and eye-catching mixes go from the charming blue to the pure white.
•    Divide frosting into bowls. The two pans only fit a one-layer cake. Double the quantity for each additional layer.
•    Add additional frosting to the lightest shade and mix food coloring into each bowl. Increase the amount of coloring until layers get darker.
•    Decorate the top of the cake with a spatula. Fill the piping bag with a large tip of the lightest shade. Start adding the payer on the top.
•    After a complete rotation, fill the remaining frosting with the darker shade. Continue with the above operation.
•    Eliminate excessive frosting with a bench scraper.

4. Pineapple Flowers
If you’re health-conscious but also want to impress with a delicious and original cake topping, go for the therapeutic and sweet taste of edible dried pineapple flowers.
•    Slice a fresh pineapple and put the slices on a frying pan.
•    Cook them in the oven for three-five minutes.
•    Remove the slices and let them dry in a muffin-shaped pan to take the form of flowers.
•    Add a small quantity of cream inside the flowers to create a visual effect.
•    You can place the flowers on top of the cake or let them pour on a side.

5. Pom-Pom Topping
They might require additional researching, but pom-poms make some creative paper additions to your cake. Pom-poms are not edible. However, they look impressive on both colored bakeries and monochrome choices.
•    Fold tissue paper of your color of choice to create 30 round layers.  Insert paper into a punch and press until the coating doesn't move at all. Continue to add the layers.
•    Double-thread a needle and sew the center of the circles.
•    Knot the thread on the opposite part.
•    Cut eight evenly spaced shaped, avoiding the center.
•    Attach the circles to a wood stick and manually separate and bend tissue layers.

Enjoying Your Market Basket Cake
So, the cake is ready and attention-grabbing. Everyone’s expectations will be met when they get to taste the cake and realize it’s delicious. However, before getting to that stage, make sure you store the cake accordingly and deliver it safely to the event.
A Market Basket cake saves you of extra spending while providing you with the effects you look for in a custom option. Personalize the cake and make sure it spices up the event as it should!

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