5 Tips for Taking Your Kids To Their First Hunting Adventure

All hunters at one point in life come across a time when their kids want to participate with them in their hunting escapades.

Now, we know hunting. Despite being a family thing (yes, we all inherit something or the other about it from our fathers), it’s not a safe, fun activity to enjoy with your little ones.

Well, yes and no!

What if we tell you how you can have a fun hunting experience with your kids while making sure everyone is safe too?

That’s what this article is about. Here are five tips for taking your kids to their first hunting adventure.

1. First Things First, Safety Gear and Clothing
As we know how hunting can be tiring and risky, you must make sure that you and your kids are wearing proper safety gear with comfortable clothing.

So, whether it’s a pair of tactical boots or 5.11 Apex Pants for you and your kid(s), make sure you have it all.

This is important for allowing everyone to make the most out of this hunting trip, without having to worry about inconveniences like an uncomfortable pair of shoes or some tight pants hindering your free movement.

2. Plan According To The School Schedule
The second thing you need to keep in mind is to schedule this adventure when your kids don’t have to go to school.

Taking leaves for joining you on your hunting trips will adversely affect their studies. Plus, they may get a feeling that you are prioritizing hunting over the school, which must not be so.

3. Involve The Kids In Planning and Preparation
Now, as you are just about to expose your kid(s) to hunting, you must also educate and encourage them adequately.

The idea is to let them know how hunting isn’t all about picking up a gun and aiming at animals.

Tell them how you have to research about the animal, how the preparation should be. How every part of their clothing and gear is essential and how we need to plan before leaving for the jungle.

No matter what your kids do, discipline is important, and hunting is one sport which can best teach them why it matters a lot.

4. Make The Hunt About Your Kids
While on a regular hunting day, you would just stick to hunting more with your best pals, but as this trip is with your kid(s), you need to make it about them.

So, don’t care about hunting more animals. Or your other hunting goals. Instead, encourage your kids to participate and to observe and learn as much as they can from you.

Also, make sure you celebrate every hunt to the fullest. Your kids should know about the enthusiasm that the sport kindles.

5. Offer Shooting Practice
Before you take your kids to a hunting site, make sure you have trained them enough, so they are able to handle the gun.

To do this, you can consider taking them to a shooting range where they can practice with an air gun.

Tell them about the basic rules of shooting. How their stance should be. How to lock, unlock the gun. How to load and fire. And how they should never point the gun at any person (even when it’s empty).

This education will help them when they are out hunting with you.

Also, shooting is a fun sport. It’ll surely get them excited about the hunting sessions.

Final words
As it’s time for you to take your kid(s) on their first hunting trip, there’s a bunch of things that you should keep in mind for having a great experience.

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