5 Ways To Help You Stay Fit and Healthy

It’s crucial for all of us to make sure we’re in peak condition. It’s fantastic when you have a great amount of energy, are feeling well and have no aches and pains - but it can be difficult to maintain this, especially if we’ve picked up some bad habits along the way.

Even if you put in the effort to keep your routine at its best for you and your body, you may want some hints and tips on how to make things just that little bit easier. These are just five ways to do this, which you can try out or give you some inspiration on what you could add to your schedule.

Have a healthy diet
Make sure your diet has as many whole grains plus fresh fruit and vegetables as possible, and are the main part of your overall diet. Also include lean protein sources, too (beans, tofu, poultry, and fish).

Check your meals are balanced, and you don’t overeat, but also make sure that you digest your food and stop eating before you are entirely full. Have whole foods such as nuts, fruits, and vegetables as snacks. Avoid highly-processed foods with hidden sugars, excessive fat, or have artificial sweeteners or colors.

Get regular check-ups
Go to your doctor for a physical every year so that you know everything is fine; this is usually covered by your health insurance if you have it, so use these benefits. However, you should get to know your own body, as this will alert you when something isn’t quite right. This includes getting any suspicious moles checked and carrying out breast or testicular self-exams.

Having exams when you’re healthy means you know when something is abnormal, and you can do something about it with your doctor. So get that comprehensive physical exam to keep your body well.

Beat burnout
You should get serious about your leisure time. Fill your day off with whatever you find are your favorite relaxation strategies: these can be getting a massage, doing yoga, meditating, or just browsing your favorite bookstore. You can also consider putting aside a small part of each day - even a few hours - that you can dedicate to doing something that you like.

Soothe your sore muscles
After a workout, think about using a foam roller to help your muscles to recover and to break up scar tissue. Your glutes may be some of the most neglected parts of your body, so sit on a roller and tilt your body to the right until you feel a deep massage in your right glute - just move back and forth slowly for a few minutes, then change to the other side. A roller can be effective for the tissue that runs down from your hip to your knee (your IT band), as well as with the muscles in your lower extremities.

Tame your tension
From a standing position, bend over and lean forward as if you’re touching your toes. Let your arms and head to hang, and relax your hips and lower back - holding this for one or two minutes. This will help loosen up your neck, back, and hips, so you can de-stress and focus on your task.

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