6 Things To Do Now To Prep Your Home For Winter

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If you’re anything like me, some household chores I just wait until the very last minute to take care of. Winter is literally just around the corner and there is still time to be prepared to be hunkered down for the cold. Here are some tips from my friends at Kenmore.

Winter is right around the corner. Start getting your home prepped for winter now by running through this checklist of task. By the time the first snowflake falls, you’ll be ready to kick back with a cup of hot cocoa.

Remove window air conditioners: To keep your air conditioner running at peak performance year after year it’s best to remove it from the window and store it in a dry place like a basement or garage. Always store air conditioners flat on their bottoms. Never store them tipped on their backs, which can cause damage to the unit.

Read the full checklist on Kenmore Community.

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