7 Food Factors That Affect Your Sleep

Food and Sleep

A sound body has a sound mind. We often hear this phrase. Sound sleep is also an integral part of our health. It is one of the important needs in life. Proper sleep helps to maintain body functions. If you do not have proper sleep, you may face several health issues. It includes laziness, headache, restlessness, and low concentration.

Food affects your sleep in one positive way or the other. Various foods have various effects on our sleep as well as health. That’s why it is necessary to know what to eat or not before going to bed.

1. Keep away from heavy and spicy food

Try to avoid spicy, heavy foods at night time. They take a lot of time to digest. Besides spicy foods cause fatness and heartburn. It will lead to disturbing your sleep. Instead, use light, simple food items. But, if you wanna eat some spicy food, have it at least 4 hours before sleep.

2. Have some snacks

Snack is a good choice for a patient with insomnia. It will help out your stomach. But keep the amount of snakes low. A whole-wheat toast, a sandwich, or a bowl of oatmeal will moderate your sleep.

3.  Use tryptophan-rich foods

Tryptophan is a sleep-promoting agent. It is found in dairy products and keeps your digestive system strong. It also leads to having sound sleep. Besides dairy products, nuts, bananas are also a good source of tryptophan.

4. Beware of your medication

Most of us use medicines like pain killers, cold medicines, and sleeping pills. These medicines contain a heavy amount of caffeine. The quantity of this caffeine is more than a single coffee cup. So do read the prescription before using such medicines.

5. Do Exercise

Medical research has proved that daily exercise does miracles. It keeps our body healthy and stays active. Moreover, it regulates blood flow, weight, and cholesterol. Exercise is a shielding element for the body as it boosts up the energy level. A little exercise in the day time will not only keep you alert but also lead to soothing sleep at night.

6. Foods make you feel drowsy

Avocados, chocolates, nuts contain a rich amount of tryptophan. These food items also have melatonin and serotonin. These are sleep moderating substance and make you feel drowsy. Apart from all that, a warm glass of milk works wonders. Milk itself contains a high amount of tryptophan and lets you enjoy a restful sleep.


Enjoy a healthy nap by including fish in your daily meal. Fish contains sleep developing elements tryptophan. Like salmon, tuna and snapper have vitamin B6. This vitamin is helpful in the production of melatonin. Thus, it regulates body function and gives sound sleep.


Nuts are rich sources of proteins and magnesium. Almonds, oats, and walnuts are healthy diet resources. These nuts also have a specific quantity of serotonin and give you sleepy feelings.


Kiwi, bananas, and cherries are full of vitamins and minerals. These are natural sources to moderate body function. Research has proved that people who eat two kiwis sleep faster. Cherries and bananas also have a rich quantity of melatonin.

7. Impacts of Caffeine

Caffeine is an anti-sleeping agent. It keeps us stay alert. This is the reason most of us start our day with coffee or regular tea. Besides Coffee, sodas, energy drinks and chocolate do have a large quantity of caffeine. The use of such foods before sleep will disrupt your sleep.

3 bonus tips for healthy sleep and healthy diet

Here is 3 bonus tips for healthy sleep and healthy food.

Avoid Caffeine in certain hours like in the afternoon and evening time. This time, the stimulating function of caffeine will make you alert and active. As a result, your sleep will be disrupted.

Do abate alcohol consumption as alcohol is a rival against peaceful sleep. Though alcohol gives drowsy feelings that are temporary.

Maintain your dining hours. Avoid eating heavy and spicy food or eat too late. Because this may cause a disturbance in the digestive system.

That was all about sleep and food that affects your sleep. Foods need to avoid and to eat for sound sleep. Sleep is an integral part of our life. Hopefully this article will give you useful information about effects of different food on human health.

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