7 Way You Can Clean With Vinegar

Are you having problems cleaning up and removing those stubborn stains in your furniture as well as the carpet? As we all know, many detergents can easily do this for you. However, not everyone can afford to buy expensive cleaning agents from the market.

This is why some of them resort to homemade remedies such as vinegar to help remove those stubborn stains easily. This article can help you figure out seven ways to clean with vinegar suggested by SIMPLY MAID.

As a Window Cleaner

The first thing that you can do is to use vinegar on windows. You should mix vinegar and water. Spray it onto the cloth that you will use and wipe away the dirt from the window. If you want a much more fragrant scent from cleaning the windows, add some vanilla to the mixture.

Bathroom Mold Removal

For bathroom mold, you can clean it up by using the water-vinegar mixture mentioned above. For difficult spots, you should try using unadulterated or pure undiluted vinegar.


You can also remove limescale in the bathroom using vinegar. It is great in removing stubborn stains. 

Furniture Polish

This particular natural chemical can also be used as an effective furniture polish. If you use this condiment, you will not run the risk of having harmful elements inside the home. Mix vinegar with olive oil and use it to clean out your furnishings right away. You should first test it out with a little bit of steam before going through with your plan. This is the way to make sure that it works. 

For Chopping Boards

For chopping boards, vinegar would work as a cleaning agent as well. All you have to do is to soak your cleaning rag in a bowl of vinegar. Use it to wipe your chopping board, and you will have it as clean as a whistle.

The Microwave
You can also use this particular ingredient to clean up the microwave. You can fill up your microwavable bowl with enough water and add a few drops of vinegar and then boil it. You should remove the boiling water with vinegar after a few minutes and then wipe the interior of the machine. This will get rid of all the food stains and bacteria inside the microwave.

Cleaning Out Your Mugs 
You can also descale your mugs with vinegar. By doing this, you will get rid of all the coffee stains as well as the tea streaks inside the cup. This will work the moment you drizzle your coffee cup with a few drops of vinegar, and fill it up with warm water. Leave the solution for about an hour to let the chemicals do the job. After this, you can continue washing the mugs. By doing this, your mug will certainly look good as new.

These are just some of the many ways for you to use vinegar in cleaning the house. What is important is that you are able to be as ingenious as possible when it comes to using alternative cleaning agents. This will help you save time and money for sure.

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