A Guide To Help You Skip Bins Hire In Adelaide

Renting a bin for waste removal or a home renovation project may seem convenient, but it can get expensive fast. Bin hire companies typically charge per day for the bin rental plus additional dump fees when the bin gets collected. This really adds up, with average bin rental costs ranging from $150-$300 per week. However, with some planning and effort, you may be able to avoid bin hire altogether in Adelaide. Here are some useful tips to find skip bins hire in Adelaide like Best Price Skip Bins

Take Advantage of Council Hard Waste Collection

Most council areas in Adelaide, including the City of Charles Sturt, City of Marion and City of Onkaparinga, offer a hard waste collection service. This allows residents to leave bulky household items like old furniture and whitegoods on the curb for free council pickup. Check your council website for details on what’s accepted and the pickup schedule. Time your home cleaning and decluttering to align with your area’s hard waste dates, allowing you to discard unwanted items for free instead of filling up a costly skip bin.

Use Your Local Recycling Depot

Can’t wait for hard rubbish collection? Many items like electronics, batteries, lightbulbs and engine oil can be recycled for free at your local recycling depot. This allows you to conveniently dispose of these common waste items without needing bin rental.

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List Unwanted Goods For Free on Gumtree/Facebook

If items are still in decent shape, list them on Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace or join your local “Buy Nothing” Facebook group to find someone who can reuse them. This keeps good stuff out of landfill and avoids skip bin fees. Arrange for the new owner to pick up the items from your property. 

Donate Goods to Charity Shops

Clothing, books, toys, small appliances and homewares in reasonable condition can likely be accepted at local Adelaide charity shops like Vinnies, Red Cross and Savers. Some will even collect donations directly from your home. Call to inquire about a free pickup service for large amounts of goods.

Rent a Trailer For DIY Removal

For small home renovation debris, rent an empty trailer from companies like Budget, Kennards or Adelaide Trailer and Tool Hire. Load up the waste yourself over a few days and then tow to the nearest Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre when full. Rates start around $35 per day. Way cheaper than a heavy construction bin.

Chat to Your Builder About Waste Responsibility 

If you’ve hired a builder for home renovations, check your contract about waste removal expectations. Many builders include small waste disposal as part of the job and have their own trailers. For large demolition jobs, discuss bin rental costs upfront so there are no surprises. They may split costs with you or have better supplier rates.


With some savvy planning to keep waste out of paid bins as much as possible, you can save quite a bit avoiding standard bin rental fees in the Adelaide region. Follow these handy tips to cut costs while keeping junk out of landfill responsibly.

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