A Review of Sun Basket Meal Delivery Prices & Cost: Is it Good?

Just when you know you’re a fast-food person and suddenly someone comes up to you and tells you: “You know what, you are what you eat.” Of course, that may come from a well-meaning friend or family member. But then, you go to the kitchen and take a peek at what’s in your fridge, discovering that most items are junk food. Man, that hurts. So, am I junk? Am I? 

You probably aren’t. But, if you take in junk, would you expect a healthier body? Probably not. It could be that you’re risking yourself for excess pounds, or worse, obesity and other health issues in the future. Thus, in a sense, when junk food is your constant diet, you are wasting the good health you should otherwise invest in while you’re still in your younger years. Here’s a related article on that subject. 

But hey, we love fast-food. It’s fast. It’s tasty. And oh, who wouldn’t love munching on those french-fries? Sure, that really sounds yummy. One more thing, we don’t know how to cook. Seriously, in these 23 years of existence, cooking still sounds like an intimidating task. 

We all have one or more of those reasons for choosing the ever convenient fast-food over nutritious home cooked meals. Tell you what though, eating organic and healthy meals doesn’t have to sound unappetizing. In fact, learning various organic, healthy recipes isn’t rocket science. You simply need to have fun cooking rather than view it as a daily chore. It’s also super motivating to think about the long-term effects of eating the right kind of healthy diet. That includes gaining a better shape and lovelier skin.

What Sun Basket is All About

Most of us lead extremely busy lives, juggling different worlds such as a professional career, family life, personal hobbies, and passion projects. At times, it may feel like 24 hours a day isn’t enough for all your activities that even a simple task like picking up some groceries for the whole week is sometimes neglected. Spending some time choosing quality, farm-fresh ingredients for your meals is important though. 

Traditional grocery shopping has to change from now on, with some companies offering to do the job for you. Yup, that’s right. There are some businesses offering to choose high quality ingredients for your weekly meals, box it up along with quick yet delicious recipes, and deliver it right at your doorstep. Sun Basket is one of these businesses offering convenience to busy consumers like you. 
What are the features of this awesome weekly menu-planner service anyway?

• Different menus and recipes were carefully planned and created by an award-winning chef. 

Award-winning chef Justine Kelly has spent over two decades practicing her skills as a chef in professional kitchens of some well-known restaurants. Ever since, she’s been passionate about creating delicious yet wholesome and highly nutritious meals, making use of only the best ingredients. From vegetables to fruits, from seafood to meats—she’s pretty meticulous in the ingredients she chooses. 

That doesn’t mean however that the recipes she makes are complicated that only professional chefs can cook perfectly. Don’t be fooled—those pictures of delicious-looking dishes that make you drool are quick and easy to make. On average, they take around 30 to 40 minutes to cook. Of course, it may somehow depend on how fast you are in the kitchen. Check out reviews of Sun Basket to know what other consumers think about the recipes and ingredients they have ordered from the company.

• Recipes are dietitian-approved.

It can be challenging to put together a menu of a strict diet plan on your own. You’d spend several hours doing research, hunting for ingredients, and trying out each dish in your kitchen. And at times, some won’t work for you—you even dislike the taste! Of course, taste is a very subjective thing. But it’s about time you stop doing guesswork of what works for you. 

Sun Basket eliminates the need to count those calories—they do it for you. They make sure the meals meet your nutritional needs. Every recipe is dietitian-approved. So, it’s big help to those who need to follow a strict meal plan, for example, individuals who suffer from diabetes.

In addition, they also commit to include at least one recipe per week that is certified by the American Heart Association.

• Sun Basket chooses only those suppliers who can provide the best quality of ingredients. 

The people working for Sun Basket are super hands-on. They do a lot of research—visiting organic farms and finding suppliers who offer only the best quality of ingredients. A certified organic handler, Sun Basket commits to deliver the freshest organic product to its consumers all the time. 

They also make sure that the meats and poultry products they source have not been injected with antibiotics and artificial hormones. When it comes to seafood, they source those that are wild-caught and recommended as Best Choice or Good Alternative by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch. 

• They use environment-friendly packaging.

Another thing that environment enthusiasts would love about Sun Basket is that they use fully recyclable and compostable eco-friendly materials for their packaging. And no worries, they’re totally durable. 

• No commitment needed on your subscription.

It’s totally okay to skip a week of delivery—you won’t be charged for doing so. You can change your meal plan as you wish or end your subscription anytime. 

Whether you’re following a strict diet or you simply want to jump-start a healthier lifestyle but you don’t have the luxury of time to do your research on the best recipes and where to find the ingredients with the best quality, the services that Sun Basket offers would be beneficial for you. It’s about time you choose and eat what’s healthy. 

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