After School Snacks That Your Kids Will Love

Who remembers those days of getting home from school and slumping down in front of the TV with a huge bag of potato chips or a bowl of cookies? It feels as though back in the day, we all ate a whole lot of food that was terrible for us – but these days, everyone’s a lot more focused on healthy eating. The ones who object most to it? Kids, obviously. Here are some tips on healthy before-dinner and after-school snacks that your kids won’t be too outraged by…

One of the best things about smoothies and juices is that they’re fun to make, and they’re a great alternative to a less healthy snack like chocolate milk. A lot of kids will absolutely love seeing their favourite fruits blended together with some juice to give them a healthy smoothie that they can enjoy before starting their homework. Make it into a fun challenge to combine different combinations of fruits every day, and make sure that your kids get a choice on what they have in each different smoothie.
Of course, there’s very little that’s more healthy than fruit – and a lot of the time, your kids will probably claim that it’s boring and refuse to eat it. Add some peanut butter to your apple slices to make it more interesting, or go for slices of whole wheat toast with banana slices and crunchy peanut butter for a snack that doesn’t taste as healthy as it is. Choose a brand like Go Organically Fruit Snacks for something that they can pick at as they relax in front of the TV – fruit snacks often package fruit in a more exciting and palatable form!
Home Made Muffins

Not every mom and dad has time for this – we all lead busy lives, after all – but home made muffins and other snacks can be a great way to fill your kids’ stomachs after all. When you think of a muffin, you might think of double chocolate chip – but you can also go with low fat blueberry muffins, or even a savoury treat that contains cheese and spinach (along with a little pinch of chili to make it even more fun!). Muffins are filling and healthy at the same time, and they’re also delicious enough to stop your kids begging for chocolate and chips.
That’s right – go for leftovers. Make extra food for dinner, and put the leftovers into labelled snack sized portions that can be frozen or chilled and then microwaved and tipped onto plates in the afternoon when your kids get home. Small portions of food like quiche and pasta salad can be particularly good, as they can be eaten cold with no ill effects at all.

Finally, go for nibbles – chop up some carrots, cucumbers and peppers into sticks and leave them in the fridge for your kids to eat after school, along with some dips like hummus and taramasalata. Not only will they be tasty, but they’ll also be delicious, and the freshness, crunch and easy grazing ability will make them almost as appealing as chips.

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