Amateur Chefs' Kitchen Needs

If you are a wannabe chef, then you are no doubt keen on your kitchen being as professionally laid out as possible. This is an important part of being able to cook great meals. As long as you know where everything is, you can find your way around the kitchen much easier, and that makes a considerable difference to how well you can cook in the kitchen. Of course, another essential aspect of this is ensuring that your kitchen has all the necessary tools and equipment which you might need for any job. Although no list is going to be absolutely complete, we hope to offer here a relatively strong example of the kind of list you might want to consult when you are stocking out your kitchen. Let’s take a look at what equipment you should hope to have in your kitchen.


A Decent Set Of Knives

Something that all chefs can agree on is that having decent knives makes a huge difference. If you are like most cookery enthusiasts, you can probably remember when you first switched from ordinary kitchen knives to professional chef knives. It really does make a huge difference to your ability to put a meal together, and if you are keen on improving your skills then having the right knives is always going to be a big bonus. If you don’t already have some, go out of your way to find the best you can possibly afford. Having decent knives really does make a huge difference. In all likelihood, you will want to get hold of professional chefs’ knives. These typically come in a set of four or five: you have the paring knife, the serrated bread knife, the chef knife itself, and possibly a couple of others as well. As well as treating yourself to some proper knives, make sure you get yourself a decent stone for sharpening them. It is important that you sharpen them with each use, as this ensures that they remain in the best possible state, and so continue to be useful for much longer.

Chopping Boards

The quality of your chopping boards is actually hugely relevant to how your dishes turn out, believe it or not. A good chef has a variety of chopping boards, and for a number of reasons. The most important reason that you will want a good variety of chopping boards is so that you have a different one for meat, fish, and vegetables. This helps avoid cross-contamination; if you are really serious about this, you will probably also want to make sure that you have a separate poultry one as well, as chicken and so on can be notoriously bad for carrying germs and diseases, and avoiding cross-contamination is vital. In terms of what kind of boards to go for, most people find that wood is best, but you might be able to get some good use out of granite or stone instead. Get the right chopping boards, and make sure you clean them thoroughly after every use. This will ensure longer shelf-life, and will help to keep contamination at bay.


Toaster Oven

It is often amazing how much toast features in the diet of most people. While an ordinary toaster might well seem sufficient to do the job - or even a grill - a toaster oven is really the best of all worlds. One of the main reasons you might want to consider a toaster oven is that it is not only toast that you can do in it. You can achieve plenty besides, and in many ways it is like a microwave too. If your kitchen is lacking a convection toaster oven, you might want to ask yourself why. Make sure you get hold of one as soon as you can; it will most likely be one of the most welcome additions to your kitchen in a long time.


Measuring Equipment

Part of creating incredible meals is ensuring that the measurements are as correct as possible. This is often a case of being careful and taking your time with each ingredient - but what also helps is having the proper equipment with which to do so. There are many kinds of measuring equipment, and a good kitchen will have one of each kind. For example, you will almost certainly want to have a way of measuring liquids, so a jug or similar is probably the best here. You might even want to get your hands on a few of different sizes, so that you can quickly find one which is most suitable at any given time. As for measuring solids, you can either go for the traditional type of scales, with actual weights, or you can opt for a digital version instead. Both are entirely acceptable, and ultimately this decision is just a matter of personal taste, so whatever you feel is best for your own kitchen is probably the way to go. It is also worth having pre-made measurements for things such as one or two cups, and also for teaspoon and tablespoon measurements, as actual teaspoons and tablespoons can vary quite dramatically. As long as you have the proper measuring equipment in your kitchen, you should find that cooking any meal is made significantly easier.



Let’s be honest - nobody really enjoys washing the dishes, and yet it is a vital part of the cooking process. Most kitchen these days will be built with a dishwasher in built but if yours is not then you might want to think about installing one. Today, dishwashers are not too expensive, and they can save a huge amount of time and trouble, and energy. If you are worried about using water excessively, then you could simply retain use of the dishwasher for certain occasions, such as when you have had friends over to eat and you would rather entertain than wash up the dishes. Used right, the addition of a dishwasher to the kitchen can make the chef’s life much easier.

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