Becoming Vegetarian: 4 Tips For New Vegetarians

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The decision to go vegetarian is a step in the right direction for better health. There are several benefits of going on a vegetarian diet, so if you have taken this bold decision to do so, kudos to you! With about 16.4 million Americans living on a plant-based vegetarian diet, many testify to the incredible impact the switch to vegetarianism has had on their health. However, the switch to a new lifestyle can be challenging, especially for the newbies. Check out these four tips to start your journey on the right foot.

  1. Know the kind of vegetarian diet you are going for

There are different reasons people adopt a vegetarian diet. For some, it’s for religious purposes as their belief system frowns upon the consumption of meat and other dairy products. For others, the decision may be based on more ethical and environmental issues such as animal rights. Your reasons for choosing vegetarianism would influence your vegetarian diet. It is essential to know which diet you are adopting to know the various restrictions you would have to follow, items to have your grocery list, and meals you would have to prepare. Some types of vegetarian diets include lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet, flexitarian diet, and pescetarian diet.

  1. Create a meal plan

Like your shopping list, a meal plan helps you stick to a routine. The difference is that your grocery list helps you buy the food items you should buy, while a meal plan gives you the specific ingredients you would need to buy in the week for the meals you plan to prepare. For example, if you plan to prepare karahi paneer at home, you need to ensure you get the right ingredients such as paneer, tamarind, coconut, and fenugreek seeds. Your various meal plans would also depend on the form of vegetarian diet you are on. 

  1. Try not to make too many changes at once

Like anything else, making changes to your diet can be quite an overwhelming process. You may be excited about the change you are about to make- which is excellent! However, your excitement might cause you to feel overwhelmed or make you realise how challenging it is to commit to. Therefore, introduce various elements of the diet in little steps. For example, if you want to eliminate meat. You can start with pork and gradually make attempts to eliminate chicken other meat products. By making changes at your own pace, you can create a vegetarian diet you are comfortable sticking to. 

  1. Don’t be afraid to experiment

To get the hang of your new dietary option, you would need to try several things. You can look up fun, easy, and healthy vegetarian recipes to try. You can also try meat substitutes such as fake meat, tofu, soy, seitan, nuts, seeds, and legumes. You can also explore vegetarian options of your favorite foods and snacks or try a cuisine with various vegetarian dishes. Also, follow vegetarian blogs for more advice and ideas on how to make your journey worthwhile.

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