Benefits of Snacking On Beef Sticks And Protein In General

Are you still hungry after just having had your favorite snack? Do you ever feel guilty about your food choices between meals? Or maybe you swear to change your diet after every sugar crash you experience? If the answer is yes, then it really is high time you tried some healthier options. Let's start by looking at the benefits of choosing protein over carbs.  

Benefits of  Protein Snacks

It is such a pity that most readily available snacks are loaded with sugar and empty calories that simply result in a sugar spike and subsequent crash, which take away from our energy and well-being, instead of giving the much needed nourishment we are looking for. If you are having snacks as a way to curb your appetite between meals or are simply too busy to sit down and have proper lunch, then it is even more vital to make the right food choices. But how to do that when we are short of time and ideas?

Well, it turns out that achieving nutritional balance by eating a good mix of protein, carbohydrates and fat is not only mission possible but will also help us look and feel our best, as you can read at It maintains a stable blood sugar number, keeps us satiated for longer, and helps us stay at a healthy weight. So, however tempting it might seem to grab a bite loaded with the nasty stuff, look for the quick and convenient meat protein sticks that are now available.

Why Protein?

So why choose protein over other types of snacks? First, because there are now numerous studies that have shown how protein has the characteristic of keeping us full for longer. It has now become widely accepted that in order to curb food cravings and keep weight in check, we need to opt for high protein snacks in place of high fat ones. Still not convinced?  This article will give you a lot of evidence and answers.

So, in order to avoid an undesirable and much-feared sugar spike, followed by a crash that will drain you of your energy and leave you feeling even more hungry than before, you either have to have a protein bite, or at least pair your meal with some form of protein. This will slow down the process of digesting carbohydrates and sugar, keeping you lean and healthy in the long run. Not to mention the fact that performance is boosted through maintaining good muscle mass throughout the process of losing weight. This becomes even more important as we advance in age beyond our thirties.

How Often And How Much?

By far you are probably asking yourself the question how often you should be snacking on protein. Well, to be honest, that entirely depends on the fact whether you even eat anything between lunch and dinner, so the answer is tied to everybody's personal habits completely. Some people prefer to stick to three solid meals a day and never worry about stuff to munch on in the late morning or afternoon. Others, whose meals are few and far between, find it impossible without an intermittent bite that would fill in the gaps.

If you are the second type, you can take advantage of some beef stick snacks, veggies with hummus, or even a number of great nut butters that are easy to grab. And, if you are vegetarian, it doesn't mean there's nothing for you in there. Protein can also be plant based, and while some people worry it might not be as nutritionally complete as its animal counterpart, studies have actually shown that we don't need to combine a few plant proteins in order to get the desired results.

Do you still find yourself wondering if your hectic everyday life needs an additional complexity of looking for a specific type of snack you're better off eating? The answer is definitely yes, as it has now become increasingly easy to find and buy those beef sticks on the market. You just have to find your preferred type. Sure, the amount of protein you need in a day depends on your weight, the level of activity you engage in and, of course, your goals. Whatever they are, however, a small portion of jerky or spiced up lean meat and poultry sticks are sure to satiate your hunger for hours, and who wouldn't want to get hunger out of their way on a busy day?

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