Chicago's Best Late Night Munchie Food

Late night craving is common for most of us if you had an excellent or heavy dinner at night but eating to fulfill your late night hunger is the best feeling in the world for most of the foodies. 

Hanging out with your family members or friends make you feel hungry most the time late at night. Tasting different variety of foods with your loved ones late at night has its charm. 

So, if you want to know about best late night munchie foods in Chicago, you have to focus as we know about your late night stomach grumble. Moreover, your craving for fries, pizzas, burgers and ice creams. It would be best if you wanted to experience the mouthwatering dishes of various restaurants around Chicago. 

If you’re hip enough to have an Illinois medical license, you might find this list fulfills all of your late night cravings and munchies.

Duk's Red Hots
Duk’s Red Hots is famous for the hot dogs, especially chili dogs, Polish sausages, and cheeseburgers. 

Boiler Room
Boiler Room is located at Logan Square, and people love its Pizza, and they can receive order till 2:30 am. 

Taqueria Traspasada 
Al pastor burrito of the Taqueria Traspasada is mouthwatering and best to fulfill your late night cravings. Taqueria Traspasada is open till 3:30 am. 

Big Star
Big Star serves food till 2:30 am and its famous dish walking tacos. 

White Palace Grill
White Palace grill serves its customers 24 hours a day, and it is famous for biscuits and gravy. 

Dimo's Pizza
Both of Dimo's locations serve up slices with obscure and delicious toppings like hot dogs and mac & cheese well past midnight. 

Lawrence's Fish & Shrimp
Fried shrimp, catfish and crab cakes are quite famous, and it serves 24/7. 

Lem's Bar-B-Q
If you have night craving cravings for chicken, mutton or beef barbeque, then you should try this restaurant late at night to fulfill your hunger. 

Redhot Ranch 
No one can bet the fried shrimp of the Redhot Ranch. It is also famous for its variety of burgers. It remains open late at night till 4 to 5 a.m.

Little Bad Wolf
Little Bad Wolf serves one of the best burgers in Chicago. You have to deal with a lot of crowds to get your favorite burger. They also serve tacos, bars, beers, and whiskeys.  

San Soo Gab San
They serve special Korean dishes such as kalbi and bulgogi, etc. 

Owen & Engine
Chips, fish and Charcuterie burgers are quite popular. 

The Wiener's Circle
It is famous for its char dogs and chocolate shakes. You must try their chocolate shake if you are a sweet lover. 
Red Hot Ranch
Jumbo fried shrimp, smashed burgers and depression dogs are very famous. You should try them for your late night food cravings. 

The Moonlighter
Fried cheese curds and nachos are the specialties of The Moonlighter. 

Angela’s Burrito Style 
The most popular spot for late night food in Chicago is Angela’s Burrito. It serves special solid California burritos, steak quesadillas, and loaded nachos. It stays open until 5 am. 

Jeri’s Grill
Kit Kat pudding, Basted eggs are popular dishes when it comes to late night cravings.

Pizano’s Pizza & Pasta 
Deep-pan pizza, chicken vesuvio and lobster ravioli are quite famous dishes of Pizano’s Pizza and pasta. 

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