Coffee Roasters Guide: Tips on Roasting Your Own Coffee!

Buying pre-roasted coffee has been a popular practice these days, but did you know that once upon a time in the course of our history, it was much more popular to roast your coffee at home? Buying pre-roasted coffee beans have proven its practicality and that is probably why most tend to choose them over the other alternative. But even though it has outperformed the act of roasting coffee at home, the latter still hails itself as one of the best ways to provide you with the freshest cup of coffee! 

Why roast your coffee? (Coffee Roasting Benefits)

So why roast your coffee? Coffee Caller explains to us why. Green coffee beans are roasted in the comforts of the home to assure that the coffee will be nothing but fresh. Also, by doing your roasting, you will have the decision of how much-roasted coffee you will have on your shelves. This is important because unroasted green coffee beans possess far longer storage life than those already roasted or ground. So by roasting small amounts just suited for home consumption every time, you will be able to preserve the life of the excess unroasted green beans.

The general rule is that green coffee beans have a shelf life of two years, while the roasted beans have two weeks, and the ground coffee beans may only be stored for two hours. So if you are buying wholesale amounts of green coffee beans, it is best for you to only roast quantities that may be enough for a week’s worth of consumption. In doing so, you will have control of how much of the raw green coffee beans will be stored and how much will be used. It will help you avoid wasting coffee by buying too many pre-roasted coffee beans that will not be consumed. By having a steady stock in your household, you will give yourself less hassle infrequently buying to the stores as well. Also, there is a tremendous difference between the taste and quality of the ones that you roast at home against the ones you may easily buy.

If what I’ve mentioned has already piqued your curiosity, then maybe you are asking now: “Should I buy a coffee roaster?” If you want to know more, read on to get information about home roasting, roasters, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of owning or operating a coffee roaster at your home!


Coffee Roasters

Coffee roasters in the market are usually in either of two types: hot-air or drum roasters. Hot-air roasters use fast hot air streams to roast the beans. This type utilizes the convectional heat by the hot air to cook the beans and to stir them up. They may also be called fluid bed roasters because by making use of the hot air, the beans are thoroughly stirred up and moved to make sure that the roast will be uniform to each bean.

On the other hand, Drum roasters are given the name because each machine employs a drum to hold the roasting coffee. Dissimilar to the hot-air type, this one uses the drum to conductively heat the beans while stirring them by spinning the drum. Some drum roasters even come with perforated drums that let the hot gasses pass through to make use of convectional heat to roast the coffee beans (similar to what a hot-air roaster does).

Numerous big names are playing in the coffee roasting industry: Imex CR-100, Hearthware iRoast2, NESCO Professional Coffee Roaster, HOTTOP Bean Roaster, and the FreshRoast +8, to name some. The different types of coffee roasters, such as those mentioned, help automate the roasting process to ensure that the procedures are done with ease and with no danger.

HOTTOP Bean Roasters are noteworthy because they prove to be one of those with the best cooling cycles despite being only a purpose-built home roasting appliance. The cooling cycles of the HOTTOP may even come close compared to that of those small professional roasters.


Disadvantages of Owning a Coffee Roaster

Coffee roasters would likely produce a lot of smoke, so if your house does not have too much space, it will be anticipated that you will probably have smoke all over the house when you do your roasting. You might think that this is easily remedied, for you can just do the roasting outside the house. But, this is also a little problematic because the roasting process will be affected by the varying temperature outside. So, you may have to adjust the settings to ensure that the roasting will be proper.

Some people also find that the coffee roasters have the minimal and fairly small capacity (75 grams – 300 grams) for the green coffee and might limit you if you want more coffee to roast in one go. Also, some roasters provide restricted settings for variation.


Try it yourself!

Although there are some disadvantages in roasting your coffee at home, it is still a given fact that home roasting is one of the greatest ways to provide yourself with the best-tasting coffee that commercially sold pre-roasted coffee can’t even compare. So one piece of advice, try it yourself and you might find yourself addicted to the fresh taste of the coffee that you have diligently roasted personally!

Photo by Samson Katt from Pexels


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