Energize Anything in 2017 with All-Natural Clean Caffeine with pureLYFT

Ever wonder how you can find energy without having the risk of consuming empty calories or crashing afterwards? pureLYFT™ CLEAN CAFFEINE® Energy Stir Sticks are an innovative "clean caffeine®" energy product infused with all-natural caffeine and vitamins that provide a sophisticated energy experience. 

Each pureLYFT™ stick has 125mg of CLEAN CAFFEINE® equivalent to one tall cup of coffee. There are zero calories, and the product can be used with a variety of different beverages from water to freshly pressed juices to coconut water and cocktails. pureLYFT™ has a refreshing, clean taste made from green coffee bean extract with no artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives.

Benefits of using pureLYFT™:
Zero Calories
All-Natural Energy Product 
Refreshing, Neutral Taste
Nothing Artificial
No Preservatives
Portable, Easy-to-use Energy Stir Stick
Vitamins A and B Complex
Made in the USA

Are you looking to energize a meal or a delicious drink while on-the-go? pureLYFT™ now offers a variety of new flavors in original, orange, mixed berry and lemon-lime. It’s the perfect compliment to a nice cocktail or smoothie. Additionally, pureLYFT™ energy sticks have a new Pop & Pour technology that allows for an easy transfer of caffeine to just about anything! It’s fun, and easy to use. All you have to do is pop the bottom tab off and pour the pureLYFT™ caffeine into whatever you’d like to energize! 

If you’re in need of a boost, try this fruity pureLYFTed™ fruit smoothie recipe as a post-workout or end-of-day treat. Enjoy sustained energy and get LYFTed™!

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