Fall Traditions That We All Look Forward To

You’re back from your annual vacation, it’s getting darker earlier, and you’ve noticed a nip in the air. It’s officially turning to fall, and there’s a good reason why studies often show it is America’s favorite season. Things just look more beautiful in fall, with orange foliage giving you that warm and cozy feeling. Best of all, there are loads of traditions that make this season fun, so here are just a few things to look forward to.

Back to school
Seeing your friends after the long summer break, new clothes and picking out new stationery… going back to school is pretty exciting if you’re a kid, but it’s even better when you’re a parent. Work your way through the back to school checklist way in advance, so once you drop them off on the first day back, you can treat yourself to a manicure, latte or simply a quiet day at home. 

The holiday countdown
From choosing your Halloween costume to picking out your Thanksgiving menus, there’s just so much to celebrate in fall! No doubt your family will have lots of little traditions, whether it’s Black Friday shopping or a 1st December celebration. Some people find the holidays stressful, but you can make this season more enjoyable by:

· Starting your shopping early
· Ensuring you schedule time for yourself to relax
· Giving everyone in the family things to do
· Prioritizing the most important things and not over-filling your calendar 

Fall-themed foods
Once the weather gets cooler, you’ll no doubt be craving rich, satisfying foods to help you feel warmer. Fall is a great season for food with lots of delicious seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as traditional dishes from casseroles to pies. It’s also the season where you’ll find some of the best pumpkin spice foods, and we all look forward to this distinctive blend of cinnamon, nutmeg and other spices arriving in our coffees, donuts and more. 

The cold weather might make you want to stay inside rather than exercise, but at least there’s plenty of great sport events in the fall. From the World Series to the NFL games on Thanksgiving, sports fans will find plenty to keep them entertained. Don’t enjoy sports? You can still appreciate getting the family together for a few beers and some great snacks. Whether it’s pizza, nachos or wings; watching people play sports always seems to make people hungry. 

The new TV season and seasonal movies
Even in the age of streaming, fall is when many shows bring out their new seasons. There’s nothing quite like getting cozy in front of the TV, drinking cocoa and catching up with the newest episodes of your favorite show. Fall also brings lots of made for TV movies and, as it gets closer to December, lots of Christmas movies arrive on the schedule, which are great for getting you in the festive mood.

Black Friday
It may be associated with long lines and retail chaos, but Black Friday is a great time to pick up bargains for the holiday season. Best of all, not all sales are just in stores. Instead of queueing late into the night, you can just set an alarm and get on your laptop. Don’t forget Cyber Monday too, which is when most retailers launch their biggest online sales.

Although the weather is cold, there’s plenty of great things to do during the fall season. You don’t even need to plan ahead, some of the best things to do include walking in the orange-tinged woods or driving around and seeing the light displays, which will soon get you in a seasonal mood.  

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