Finding The Right Christian Church For Your Family

Choosing a Christian church home is an important decision for families. You want to make sure you select a church that aligns with your values and provides a nurturing spiritual community like C3 Power House for all members. When church shopping with kids, there are several key things to consider.

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Define Your Priorities

First, reflect on what's most important to you in a church. Make a list of your top priorities - these may include the style of worship service, denominational affiliation, children's programs, location, opportunities for community service, etc. Rank these priorities so you know what to focus on first when evaluating churches.

Involve the Whole Family 

When visiting prospective churches, take everyone along so you can all experience the vibe and make observations. Pay attention to what your kids are drawn to - bright, engaging children's spaces or enthusiastic youth leaders, for example. Teens will notice how many peers are around and if the youth group seems fun and welcoming.

Observe How Kids Are Incorporated

Look for children's components integrated thoughtfully into the main service like children's sermons or activity sheets. Take note if kids seem engaged and excited or squirmy and distracted. Check the nursery and Sunday school areas to ensure they are clean, safe, and staffed appropriately. 

Meet the Pastor and Staff

Schedule a time to introduce your family to the pastor. Gauge if his or her philosophy aligns with your family values and style. Observe how the pastor interacts with your kids too. Introduce yourselves to Sunday school teachers and youth leaders as well to learn more about their backgrounds and approach.

Consider Denomination Carefully  

If denomination affiliation is important to you, prioritize churches within your faith tradition. However, if you're open to exploring, look at other denominations too. Discuss beliefs, traditions and worship styles unique to that denomination and evaluate if they fit for your family.

Evaluate Community Service

Pay attention to outreach and community service initiatives. If instilling a spirit of service in your kids is important, make sure the church offers regular hands-on service activities appropriate for children and families to participate in together.  

Location and Schedule

Factor location, service times and programming schedules into your decision making too. Look for a church close enough to allow regular attendance but also be open to driving further if the fit seems right otherwise. Make sure service and Sunday school times work with your family's routine.  

Try it Out

Plan to visit top contender churches more than once before deciding. Attend a weekday activity or fellowship event to get a feel for the congregation. Chat with other families to learn why they chose this church community and what they love about it.

Pray and Reflect as a Family

Most importantly, pray for guidance together as you search for your spiritual home. Reflect on each church you visit. Discuss as a family what stood out - both positive and negative observations. Listen to what every family member thinks is most essential based on ages, interests and needs to help determine the best fit. Trust that God will lead your family to the right church at the right time if you lay the decision prayerfully before Him.


Finding a church home can take time, but being thoughtful and intentional as you evaluate options will ensure you select one that helps all in your family grow and thrive spiritually. Approach the search prayerfully, involve the whole family and remember what matters most can differ for each of you. Focus on priorities and keep an open heart and mind and you are sure to discover the perfect fit.

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