Five Burger Trends That Are Worth A Try

Burgers used to be just patty, bun, topping, and sauce. Now, it has evolved into something more than the basic. It has character and uniqueness which make more people interested and enticed. This said burgers shall live a long life- continuously evolving.

People constantly give the burgers an upgrade. It has ingredients which go beyond the normal meat. It is safe to say that the burger’s trajectory is incredible. As such, more businesses also are given more opportunities to play around with their imagination. It’s true- with burgers, nothing is impossible. Click here to have the best burgers in town.

Burger Trends Worth Trying

Blended Burgers

Ever heard of a blended burger? This is all the rage currently. Well, a blended burger makes use of mushrooms and other proteins to replace a part of the ground beef used. There are remarkable advantages to the blended burger:

- It is practical. Ground beef is pricier than the mushroom. However, mushrooms possess the incredible flavor of ground beef. When combined, no one can distinguish the difference. Business owners get more bang for their buck by having part beef and part mushroom as their patty’s composition.

- It is healthier. Ground beef is packed with vitamins and nutrients, especially protein. However, mushrooms and other plant-based proteins are fibrous and guilt-free. When combined, the burger patty becomes healthier but does not sacrifice its savory flavor.

- It is cutting-edge. Mushroom and beef do not usually mix. Many won’t like the idea as they think the overall beefy flavor will get affected. However, that’s not the case. Combining beef and mushroom is getting out of the norm. It’s adventurous for doing something that may not easily be liked and supported by many people.


Make Your Own Burger. Self-expression is everywhere. Everyone is encouraged to showcase their characters with pride- even with the burgers they eat. Making your burger has been a hit for quite some time now. It allows people to enjoy their way. The absence of limitations and restrictions make people play around with their creativity and taste preference. 

Vegan Burgers

Ever imagined burgers without an ounce of beef used? Impossible, right? Well, hundreds of years ago, yes. However, this is not currently the case anymore. More vegan or plant-based burger patties are made available. It is even easier to find. Even better, vegan burgers have been getting good reviews. Now, it is possible to enjoy burgers without an ounce of guilt. Try it before you turn the other cheek. You may like it.

Modern Burger

The modern burger is one that incorporates flavors loved by many across the globe. It somehow deviates from the usual lettuce-tomato-ketchup-mayo-mustard-kind of a burger. Here, the list goes on. It’s comparable to MYOB, only the concoction is the brainchild of the burger maker. Burgers with crème Fraiche or aioli come to play. 

Toppings or add-ons also have an important part. Do you like onion rings on the side? Why not make it one of the toppings? Cheddar Cheese? Sure, but why not try Swiss or Bleu or Gruyere? Anything that’s hip, untried, and veers away from the usual add a modern twist to the burger.

Meat Combo

Meat combinations for the best burger patty ever have gained traction over the years. Many have played around blending different kinds of meat to give birth to another level of flavor. Some restaurants have tried combining equal parts of beef with lamb. Such a combination proved to be a big hit to their clientele.

The characteristics of lamb and beef are all married to perfection. Chefs make it a match made in heaven, so to speak. It’s a unique combo that gives a whole new character to the already familiar beef patty. The flavor produced makes the burger stand out, even with just the patty alone.

Photo by Marta Dzedyshko from Pexels

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