Five Life Skills You Should Learn Before You're Forty

Time is ticking on for many of us and one of the life lessons we’re all learning is that, secretly, no one ever feels like a grown up really. Here are some tips on life lessons to learn before you turn forty. 
How To Change A Tire

A lot of us feel absolutely helpless when one of our tires blows out, which means that we have to spend forever sitting in our cars by the side of the road until either a kindly passer by or a mechanic swings by to help us out. But a way to feel more independent is to learn how to change a tire yourself. You’ll need a jack, a lug wrench and a spare tire, so make sure you keep them in your car. Find a safe location, turn on your hazard lights and apply the wheel wedges before removing the hubcap. Loosen the lug nuts, put the jack under the vehicle and remove the flat tire before putting the new one on the lug nuts and tightening them again. Lower the jack, remove it, and tighten the lug nuts fully before replacing the hubcap. See? Easy.
How To Make Good Coffee

One of the most vital purchases to have in your kitchen is a decent coffee machine so you can learn how to pull a perfect lungo shot, which is the latest (and cooler) alternative to the Americano coffee. You must use ground coffee and moderate pressure, along with long extraction time to produce a real richness of flavour.
How To Defend Yourself

One of the most depressing things to have to learn, self defence is also the most important. Remember that if you have the choice to run, you always should. You are worth more than your possessions – throw your bag away from you and run in the opposite direction. Don’t assume you can take anyone on in a physical fight. If that happens, remember SING – stomach, instep, nose, groin – and make sure that you make as much noise as you can.
How To Bake A Birthday Cake

A birthday cake is one of the best gifts of all, so making sure that you have a recipe that works every time is worth its weight in gold. A home backed cake is much more personal than anything you might buy from a bakery or your local grocery store – you can decorate it exactly how you want to, and make changes to the recipe to accommodate everyone’s favourite flavours. Knowing how to whisk up a perfect cake is the best way to celebrate any occasion.
How To Blow Dry Your Hair

One of the best ways to feel good about yourself is to know that your hair looks good – and the best way to do that is often to add volume. Blow drying can do this, along with adding shine. Make sure that you angle the hair dryer downwards, and use a product like the Babyliss Big Hair to add extra texture. You could also use a spritz of volumising dry shampoo – and if you want to add some extra shine without losing the volume, spray your hands with hairspray and smooth them over your hair afterwards.

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