Five Quick-to-Prepare Meals if You Are Running Late For Work

Are you running late? Did you snooze your alarm so many times that you work up hungry and frantically panicking to miss your bus and be late to work? We know that during such times, meal plan delivery comes the most in handy. However, the below-given list includes five quick-to-prepare meals that can help you get to work on time while satisfying your hunger simultaneously. Read on to learn more.


They don’t take much time, space, and effort. All you need is one bowl, one spoon, your favorite cereals, and your preferred milk. We recommend selecting healthy grainy cereals, adding a handful of raspberries, and gulping it down. If you don’t have the time to sit at the table and enjoy the cereal bowl, pour the contents in a Ziploc bag, and have them on the go. You can store the milk in a lidded travel mug and enjoy the breakfast later at your desk.


Smoothies have been in trend for years now, and by the look of it, they are more likely to stay. The best part about smoothies is that they are effortless. You don’t have to chew anything. Besides, there are numerous options to choose from when it comes to a healthy glass/mug/jug of smoothie. Take fruits (or veggies) of our choice, or anything that soothes your taste buds, pour everything in a blender, press the button, and voila – your smoothie is ready.

It doesn’t take you more than a few minutes, and your hunger pangs will be gone as soon as you have gulped down the delicious smoothie of your choice. If you are health-conscious, we recommend adding an unsweetened base, such as soy milk. The addition of unsweetened milk ensures that you absorb all the nutrients of the smoothie.


Fruits are best consumed in the morning when our body and mind require energy the most. Suppose you don’t have the extra few minutes to turn on the blender and prepare a smoothie. You can simply grab your favorite fruits and enjoy them on the go. By replacing fruit as a quick meal, you will kick-start your metabolism and regain the energy obtained from the fruity vitamins and nutrients. The utmost level of preparation that you might encounter with consuming fruits in the morning is when you will have to use a knife for cutting or peeling them. 


Suppose you have a few minutes to spare and place one or two slices of your favorite bread in the toaster? Toasts won’t only give you comfort but also make you feel full as toast expands in the stomach after being consumed. Subsequently, you will feel your stomach fuller for a longer time and concentrate on your work without having to worry about hunger pangs. The best thing about toast is that it makes one happy as they choose their favorite bread and add butter, jam, Nutella, cheese, or any other spread of their preference on the slices. That said, having toast in the morning is an essential way to boost the good-feel brain chemicals while enjoying the first meal of the day to the fullest degree.


Eggs are among the top common breakfast dishes globally, and there are numerous ways one can enjoy them. Each to their preferences, some might enjoy them sunny-side-up, others go for an omelet. You can also quickly put the eggs on the boil while you get dressed up for work. If you are someone like me, you might want to go for scrambled eggs and one cup of coffee. The best thing about eggs is that they ate quick-to-make, delicious, and packed with valuable proteins. These are loads easier to make than anything else.

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