Five Things You Must Do Before Your Party Guests Arrive

If you decided to hold a party at your house, and want to accommodate everyone’s needs, and make sure that everything goes smoothly, there are a few things you need to take care of first. From invitations to arrival times and accommodation, you can provide more than a simple homeowner, to wow your guests, and make them remember the party for a long time to come. Below you will find a list of things to take care of. 

Deep Cleaning
It is important that you give your home a deep cleaning before the party, so it looks and feels new and fresh. You don’t want your guests to smell all the Asian food you cooked in your kitchen last week, and this means you need to get the walls and tiles washed and cleaned. If you don’t find time for spring cleaning, or don’t trust yourself finding all the areas where dust can hide, you can hire maid services, and leave the job ti the professionals, so you can get on with your party planning. 

If you are expecting more than a dozen guests to your party, you might not be able to serve all the food and take care of the washing up. You can get a catering company to attend for a few hours, and they can man your bar, and clean up the kitchen in the beginning, until you are able to cope. This way, you will spend less time on doing chores, and more on socializing with your guests. 

Transportation Arrangements

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If you have guests arriving from other towns, you can help them out by getting their transportation arranged. Let it be a taxi service that picks them up, or a driver who takes them back in their car, so they can have a couple of drinks on the night, there are several ways of helping your guests make the most out of their time. You might even offer to pick up some people in your own car, or ask a friend. Arranging car pooling and asking people to volunteer as a designated driver is also going to be a great help. 

If some of your guests want to stay overnight, you might need to get the spare room ready, or provide them with recommendations on hotels and B&B accommodation in the area. A simple courtesy can go a long way, and you can make sure that they will have a positive experience after they leave and return home. 

Special Dietary Requirements 

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When you are planning for your event or party, you need to start creating a menu as soon as possible. Gather information from your invited friends on their food preferences, and special dietary requirements. You don’t want people with celiac disease stand around, not being able to taste anything, or people who can’t have milk missing out on dessert. 

Planning a party in your home requires careful preparations and planning. Start early, and make sure everything goes smoothly; from transportation to accommodation booking. 

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