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Are you wondering how to handle your marketing activities without wasting time or capital? Perhaps you feel that you need to place marketing in the hands of proven experts so that the maximum return on investment is achieved and the element of chance removed? You’ll benefit from a London food marketing agency’s knowledge and practices. Specialists will help you through what is surely one of the most difficult times in recent history. Your brand and product or service deserves visibility, positivity and longevity. Companies like food and well-being experts Ceres PR, for example, have decades of experience in traditional and digital marketing and have an eye on future trends. Covid-19 may have stolen a fair number of dreams for 2020 but there’s no reason to abandon hope.


Marketing channels include print media, online, social media, content creation, TV and radio, AI technology, influencer and consumers who are unofficial and free brand ambassadors. One day soon we should hopefully be able to add London events and exhibitions to the list of options, when we can gather together again.


     Do you know who you are and what your brand stands for?

     Who is your target market?

     Where are your consumers? Are they online, in store, a combination?

     What tone of voice will your target market appreciate?

     How can you convert interest into sales and profits without a hard sell?


You must know the answers to the first three questions to survive, let alone thrive. If you don’t, how are your consumers meant to find you? They aren’t going to trawl through digital or traditional media as a favor to you, on the assumption they may see a brand, your brand. People are too busy and expect instant responses to their needs. In an age where a Google Home or Amazon Alexa doesn’t take a second to offer solutions, you can’t rely on humans doing too much to become aware of you. You must be there, informing them that your brand, product or service is theirs to fall in love with, recommend and benefit from. Irrelevance is not a viable tool. Being relevant in your communications is not a luxury, it’s imperative. Why should anyone take note of you if they have no need for you?

Targeted marketing doesn’t mean grabbing the consumer by the metaphorical throat and bullying them into submission. Subtle can work wonders and professionals appreciate that the right tone, the most rewarding channels and tailored communications are far more effective than selling bluntly.

When you want to produce an article, infomercial or video ensure that it is of the highest quality, the content as unique and prestigious as the brand. Specialists can produce the most cost effective and stunning results in house, guarantee that it reaches the widest audience and gives a return on investment that sets you apart from competitors who haven’t taken a bespoke approach to their marketing by working with a London food marketing agency.


If you run a marketing campaign it is highly beneficial to use brand storytelling, in simple terms, to use a narrative that engages the consumer and compels them to take action. It has been proven that when making a purchase the emotions are employed first and logic is used later to justify the expenditure. So, bland facts aren’t as rewarding as a story. People from the cradle to the grave love stories so harness their power with professional management. Whether it’s a tug on the heartstrings, admiration, a humorous response, you need the consumer to react to the messaging, only then will it remain in their minds and optimise brand awareness.


This also applies to accountability, ethics and operational impacts of the brand. Your consumers care about where their food and its ingredients come from, that the environmental impact of operations and the human experiences are positive. When they have that confidence, they will allow themselves to proceed with your brand, either to learn more or to make a purchase.


Consumers watch with interest when there is a crisis. Remember when KFC ran out of chicken? Their crisis management and messaging could have rebounded badly but their humor and upbeat communications meant that consumers were still left with a positive impression of the brand and as soon as the chicken arrived, consumers were back with a smile on their faces. That didn’t happen by luck or chance. That was effective management, only achievable via professional channels.

Don’t work alone; London food marketing agency teams have the valuable answers your brand needs. 

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