Fruit and Vegetable Individual Smoothie Packets with Ziploc Brand Vacuum Sealer

Fruit and Vegetable Individual Smoothie Packets with Ziploc® Brand Vacuum Sealer 
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In my home fruit smoothies are all the rage. The kids love their favorite strawberry-banana smoothie combination and I often sneak in some carrots and chia seeds to add even more vitamins. 
Smoothies are simple to make, but I wanted to make it convenient for my kids while at the same time lessening the food waste in my house. Many times when we buy fresh fruit, there are always some that end up in the garbage because we don’t get to eat it fast enough!
Instead of tossing fruits and smoothie-friendly vegetables and herbs like spinach, kale, parsley and ginger that are nearly overripe in the garbage, I freeze them for smoothie packets made with Ziploc® Brand Vacuum Sealer

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