Great Uses For A Vacuum Sealer

Sponsored by  Ziploc® Brand Vacuum Sealer

I used to think having a vacuum sealer would be yet another kitchen tool that would take up much needed storage space and something I wouldn't use as often as I thought. 

What I love about the Ziploc® Brand Vacuum Sealer is how easy it is to store. It's sleek and easily fits in corners in my pantry closet. It's also a beautiful design and I keep mine out on the counter so I can use it often.

Since I've had it, I have made ready-to-heat vacuum sealed breakfast sandwiches for back to school, slow cooker meals for busy weeknights and even other ways that I didn't think of before. 

Below are some ideas for great uses for your Ziploc Brand Vacuum Sealer. 

  • Reseal cereal bags and chip bags. There are times that my youngest daughter attempts to open cereal bags and it's a complete fail! Often, I buy family size bags and place cereal in holders. There's still some left over in the bulk bag, so I vacuum seal it to keep it from going stale until the next time I have to refill their daily cereal dispenser. 
  • Seal important documents. My parents gave me so many of my baby documents like my first report card and my baptism certificate. Keeping them sealed helps to keep them for oxidizing and in great condition for many years to come. 
  • Seal vintage photos. My grand parent's photos are so precious to me and family and using a vacuum sealer to keep them safe is a great way to preserve them. 
  • Preserve antique/vintage clothing, like your grandpa's handkerchiefs, your grandma's lace or your kids' first shoes. 

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