Here's How To Throw A Fun Party For Your 10 Year Old

As kids’ parties get bigger and more creative, don’t be too quick to throw your hands in the air, out of despair because you know very little about kids party entertainment.

Your ten-year-old might be too old for some ‘childish’ games, but there’s always something to make him/her tick, don’t you think? If you want to throw a fun party for your ten-year-old, I bring you to hope in the way of these ideas:

1. Racing in the Snow

This is a fun group activity for a ten-year-old and can be done with his or her friends.
Don’t turn your nose up in disgust at this idea, there are actually a couple of indoor dry ski slopes in the country, which can be used even when there’s no snow! You can make it more fun by using snowboards, skis or rubber rings.

2. Solving Mysteries: Sherlock Holmes Style

Your back garden can be such a cool location to solve mysteries. If your little one loves to solve mysteries, make this the theme of his or her party, and it would always be a party to remember.
Of course, the winners go home with super cool packages!

3. Outdoor Survival-theme Party

The key is to look at your 10-year old closely, and figure out their interests. If one of these interests is being outdoors all day, why not throw an outdoor survival-theme party for participants to learn some cool survival skills? These cool skills can include anything from scavenger hunting to building a den and other wild stuff!

4. Wall Climbing

So many kids love to climb rocks, walls, anything at all! A hyperactive ten-year-old is likely to get the kicks from a fun activity of climbing walls. Of course, you would have to ensure the environment where this activity is being carried out is safe and well-controlled to prevent casualties. 

There are climbing walls all over the country that can be visited by your team of excited birthday kids!

5. Trampoline

I don’t know if trampolining ever went out of fashion- but whatever the case, it is the rave of the moment, an activity which all kids tend to enjoy. Through this awesome sport, kids can burn off their steam and have so much fun at the same time. You don’t even need to plan an activity around it- which makes this a sport that’s fun for you as well.

6. For The Academic Kid: Throw a Science Party

If your cool ten-year-old is a bit geeky and has friends who would appreciate a science-themed party, why not throw one? They could spend the entire day carrying out ‘experiments’ and totally enjoying themselves.

Side warning: these kids might forget that you or any other adult exists, so put a cap on this party so they can get out of the ‘flow’.

If you don’t want to throw this party yourself, there are lots of science centers that would happily host you!

7. Host a Garden Funfair

Lots of things can be done in that garden of yours, and one such creative activity is creating a garden funfair right in your back garden!

This funfair can literally consist of anything you think of: a mini golf course, bowling alleys, game spots and anything else.

Just set up a section for junk food, popcorn, candy and drinks by the side; in a colorfully painted stall. The sheer joy on your kid’s face when such a party is well hosted would be priceless!

8. Military-Style Obstacle course

Want your kid to have a taste of the military experience? Following a fun approach to throwing your kid a fun party, place your tiny humans through paces in a military-style obstacle course. They could get camouflage wears and army face paints for this crash course at any of several obstacle courses in the country.

One important thing to get ready for after this fun day is a lot of mud! However, if this party would make your kid really happy and proud, you should go all in. mud isn’t too much a price to pay, is it?

And there are a couple of fun ideas to throw around while considering the best party set up for your adorable 10-year-old!

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