How To Bring A Neglected Patio Back To Life

A patio area is a great addition to any garden because it helps to break up the space and gives you a nice area for relaxing and entertaining guests. Unfortunately, when your patio isn’t being used in the winter, it can get neglected. The rain takes a toll and moss and weeds will start to grow on it. So many people fail to care for their patio properly and then eventually, they stop using it because it’s not a very nice space to spend time in. However, it doesn’t take a huge amount of work to get it looking good again. If you have neglected your patio, here’s how you can bring it back to life.

Cleaning The Patio 

The first thing that you need to do is clean the patio. When it gets wet over the winter, it can get dirty with mud and moss and weeds will start to grow over the top of the slabs. Before you can start doing anything else with the patio, you need to clear all of that away. Start by getting a brush and sweeping away any loose debris, like leaves. Then, you should call out a pressure washing company and have them clean the patio off for you. You’ll be surprised just how much difference a pressure washer can make to a patio and after they are finished, it will look brand new. 

Rejoining The Patio 

Even after you have cleaned the patio with a pressure washer, you may have weeds and moss growing on the mortar between the tiles, and this can make your patio look very messy and dated. However, if you remove the old mortar and rejoin the patio, it will look as good as new. This is a relatively simple job to do on your own but you can call somebody in if you don’t feel comfortable doing it. Once you have removed the old mortar, make sure to fix any loose slabs and replace any broken ones before you add new mortar. 

Upgrading Furniture 

If you have neglected your patio for a long time and you left all of your furniture out there in the rain, it may be too late to save it and you should just replace it instead. However, if you have wooden furniture that is looking a bit tired, you can just upgrade it instead. If you spend some time sanding and painting the wood, and then get a few new cushions, you can give your old furniture a whole new lease on life. 

Picking Plants 

Now that you’ve got a patio that looks as good as new, and some great furniture, you just need a few plants to brighten the place up. If you have a trellis, you can get some great climbing plants that provide a bit of shade and look great at the same time. A few simple potted plants work brilliantly as well. If you have pets, it’s important that you consider them while designing your garden and choose non-toxic plants. 

Once you have completed all of these steps, your patio will be ready for you to enjoy again.  

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