How To Choose Between Instant Duo and Duo Nova

Electric pots are always a winner and trusted by amateurs as well as veterans for their chic design, dependable tech, and reliability. Instant pots have been a fan-favorite in the league of electric cookers for the very reason that they are simply the best. There is little to leave for imagination for they have got it all covered.

Two state of the art instant pot models are instant duo and duo nova which are designed keeping in mind the expectations of culinary enthusiasts. While the veteran instant duo covers a comprehensive range of features and is an efficient and smart choice for instant cookers, the duo nova is designed in a manner that even a beginner can brag their newly found culinary skills.

So, when life gives you a tough choice between the two, it is important to choose the one which fits your requirement and skill set. With the same thought, we bring for you a quick comparison between instant pot duo vs duo nova to help you with the decision.

Instant pot duo

One of the most popular models of Instant electric cookers, the instant pot duo offers a unique 7-in-1 cooking capacity which means that it can replace at least 7 appliances in your kitchen. And this is not even the best part about it! With its availability in three sizes (3 quart, 6 quart and 8 quart size), the pot serves its use to families of varying sizes. So, no matter if you are living on your own, with your friends or family, the pot is more than equipped to take care of your flatmates too!

Most of us are captivated under the vice of impatience when it comes to cooking. We do not want to wait for the food to cook. At other times, there are time constraints too due to which people prefer to eat junk food from outside instead of cooking healthy at home. The instant pot clears the ongoing dilemma by reducing the average cooking time by about 70%. The smart cooking programs enabled in the appliance offer extreme ease of use, irrespective of what you are cooking. If you are into experimenting with your food, all you need is your instant pot and within minutes, you shall be able to everything right from broths to beans to chili and even meat.

Duo Nova

The Duo Nova is yet another sleek and chic design from the house of Instant brands. Starting from its release in 2019, it turned into a fan favourite and has also been dubbed as the best model for people who have recently ventured into cooking and are still struggling with the recipe for instant noodles!

The appliance contains 7 different cooking settings, thus saving your time and reducing your effort at the same time. There are two levels of pressure cooking and the model is available in as many as 4 options. This means that if you are wondering whether or not to invest in the appliance because of the limited need, then know that this is one of the rare appliances which fits your requisite and not the other way round. What really sets the model apart is that it is available in 10 different quart options, making it a go-to cooking partner for huge families.

What sets the two models apart?

Although the models are fully equipped in their own way, yet it is obvious that you cannot invest in both at the same time! Hence, if you are jittery about which appliance to buy, make sure to go through the following checklist-

       The front display panels are different for both the models. The Duo nova is equipped with an LCD display, great for visibility

       The duo nova is a more recent model and hence contains an auto sealing list which is a safety feature, suitable for people who often forget to close the lid to seal the pressure. The Duo, on the other hand, has a manual knob for sealing

       The earlier models had only one sealing ring while the Duo Nova has two sealing rings. Additionally, there are other accessories like steam rack and measuring cup too

       Addressing the elephant in the room, the Duo Nova is equipped with 10 quart options and 4 size options, which definitely sets it apart from the earlier models.


Both the models of Instant brand are suited for varying requirements. You must figure out the size of the family, cooking experience and safety concerns before deciding on the purchase.

Photo by Klaus Nielsen from Pexels

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