How to Clean a Rolling Tool Chest Thoroughly and Easily

How to Clean a Rolling Tool Chest Thoroughly and Easily
If you don’t know how to clean a rolling tool chest thoroughly and easily, this is your thorough and exact answer.

A rolling tool chest (or rolling cabinet) is designed to store and protect craftsman tools. Although it is built to last, it won’t be in the top condition without a proper maintaining and cleaning technique. Keep going to find how to clean a rolling tool chest thoroughly and easily.

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What You’ll Need

Soft and clean microfiber cloths
A canned air (or an air compressor)
A bucket
Clean and hot water
Cleaning liquid (dish soap or phosphoric acid)

How to Clean a Rolling Tool Chest Step By Step

Step 1: Take Your Tools Out

Some craftsman tools are small and easy to escape from our hands. So, it takes you time and effort to pick them out. 

Firstly, you open each drawer. Then, empty its content. To avoid omitting any tool or putting them in disorder, you’d better solve each drawer in turn (from the top to the bottom or vice versa). To tiny objects (such as bolts or screws) or some that are getting stuck, you can take them out later after disassembling the drawer (at step 2).

Step 2: Disassemble Drawers

After blanking the drawer, pull it out slowly till it appears fully. Depending on the chest style, either levers or tabs are used to lock the drawer into the side rail. If it comes with levers, pull them up or down. If it uses tabs, press them on each side with your fingers.

Now, the cabinet and its drawers are essentially separate for you to clean.

Step 3: Clean the Exterior

You should use a soft and clean cloth to dust the outside of each drawer. For the best result, towel it from the behind to front. This will prevent dust from sticking again to the drawer. Do it twice a month to keep your property free of dust.

Step 4: Clean the Interior

Debris and dust, which are built up from the tools or simply from your open and close activity, can penetrate into the interior of the drawers. To get rid of this stubborn trouble, you should use a canned air or an air compressor to blow dirty stuff away.

The same technique also works well for drawer slide rails. Clean them regularly will help them operate smoothly.

Step 5: Assemble Drawers

Once your drawers are clear, it’s time to install them back to the chest. Don’t forget to do this one by one to avoid messing up. Also, remember not to keep them fit with the joints. If you have any problem, don’t rush into pulling them out back.

Step 6: Repack Your Tools

To achieve the maximum convenience, put the like tools with the like tools. How you want to classify is up to your preference and your existing tools.

In addition to placing tools based on their types and functions, you can sort them by popularity. Simply put your most regularly used tools on the front side, while the fewer ones toward the back.

Tips to Clean Your Rolling Tool Chest More Thoroughly

Only soft towel and water isn’t powerful enough to wipe all dirt away. Use the below liquids will help you clean your rolling tool chest more thoroughly while keeping them safe:

Tip #1 – Phosphoric Acid

To polish your tool chest, watering the surface first. Make sure it’s totally dry before you apply any thing on it. For this, we’ll need a metal polish, nylon scrubbing pads and a little of phosphoric acid.

Wear the latex gloves, glasses to protect yourself.
Pour the compound in a diamond shape till it dries. Normally, it will turn white.
Spray the water then dry with the towels. Next, put on the metal polish and wipe it with a cloth.

Tip #2 – Dish Soap

In case you don’t have phosphoric acid, you can utilize the dish soap in your kitchen to make your tool chest clean. Here are what you’ll do:

Fill your bucket with hot water.
Mix the water with a little of dish washing soap.
Stir the mixture until it blends.
Wet and scrub your chest with the mixture using a nylon and soft bristle scrub.
Rinse with the clean water till it’s free soap.
Dry it with a chamois cloth.

I hope that our article succeeds in showing you how to clean a rolling tool chest thoroughly and easily. As this task may be harmful to yourself, please be careful as much as possible.

Have a nice day!

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