How To Invest in Long-Term Family Vacation Experiences

Vacations can be wonderful. They are the ‘reset’ button that everyone needs, after a year of all family members attending to their efforts and responsibilities. That’s right, your young daughter in pre-school also counts in this. A break can be good for everyone. However, taking many vacations, or taking vacations year after year, can get quite expensive. It might be that you wish to offset the cost in order to invest in your long term experiences year after year. Or, perhaps you wish to invest the cost of those future vacations into one amazing potential now, giving you security and more freedom for when you choose to go abroad.

Not all families wish to do this, but some do, and they can glean many valuable benefits as a result. Investing in long-term familial experiences can take time, energy and insight, but if you shop around you’ll be surprised just how worthwhile this process can be.

For that and more, please consider our following advice:

Join A Vacationing Club

There are many vacation clubs out there, depending on your interest. It could be that you’re a keen snowboarder. There will be a club out there for that, and any other vacationing niche you might consider important. A vacationing club worth your time can often be found online within minutes, but be sure to research many of them to ensure you’re looking in the right direction. A vacationing club can offer you many things for the yearly fee they might charge.

First, they might have deals and promotions set up with hotels and other forms of accommodation or resort, allowing you to save a little money each time you go. Perhaps you’ll have priority for the VIP package. Perhaps discussion forums and meetups can help direct and prioritize your goals when heading abroad. On top of that, they might be able to help you with incredible potential packages and informed viewpoints, such as how to experience a certain country while avoiding the hordes of tourists that flock there at the same time every year. Every vacationing club will often their own form of benefits, which is why it’s important to consider how they might be useful to you. But if you engage with the package and the community, they can provide a direct intent and sense of shared enjoyment to the vacations you take in the future, and who knows, you might make some real friends from attending them. To us, that sounds like a lot of fun.

Purchase A Holiday Home

A holiday home can be one of the best investments you will ever make, for many reasons. To start with, you’ll have a place you can call your own when heading abroad, without having to pay for accommodation (after your initial purchase, of course.) This can be great if you know you love a certain area. Some families are quite happy to visit this area many times a year, and experience settling into an environment rather than jumping from place to place.

This also means that thanks to the saved cost of accommodation, you might be able to vacation more times a year than you had initially thought. Is there a long weekend coming up thanks to national holidays? Book off two days from work either side of said long weekend, and all of a sudden you have a week off to enjoy yourself in this environment.

But a holiday home can also function even more promisingly. For example, you might decide to run the place as an AirBnB registered home when you’re not there. This can help you begin to earn back your initial investment, and potentially provide other holidaymakers with a safe, clean and beautiful place to enjoy their vacation. It will take some property management of course, but it will be tremendously worth doing.

On top of that, your vacation home can also provide a great means for your child to start branching out on solo vacations once they reach the right age. If they’ve visited a seaside location throughout their childhood, then heading to the same pad with their friends will be familiar for them, and you’ll know exactly where they are at all times. That sounds like a great way to introduce and trust them to learn how to travel alone in a secure and professional manner.

Find A Great RV Trailer

RV’s themselves can be very expensive, and sometimes not worth the cost unless you travel on the road a whole lot. Thanks to their cost, they also almost condemn you to use them for every single vacation, just so that you get your money’s worth. But surely there’s a middle ground between that kind of convenience and also a freedom of experience? 

We would say that yes, this is fully possible. With a small RV trailer, you have the best of both worlds. Not only can you drive all your amenities quite easily around no matter where you are, but you will also be more easily able to drive to locations and negate the use of that if needed. Simply towed by your car, you can go anywhere would have otherwise.

This also provides you with an extended view of what a potential vacation could even be. Before, it might be a flight and a hotel visit would be the fundamental need if you were to experience a place. And due to that cost, you might have wanted to travel further to justify your spending. However, with an RV like this, anywhere becomes a potential vacation spot. You might simply drive 90 minutes south to an area you might not have visited before, learning more about your environment and visiting nearby landmarks you may have wanted to see all this time. 

For comparatively little cost, having your options opened like this can feel truly rewarding.

We wish you nothing but the best when searching for your next vacation, and hope this advice helps you on that journey.

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