How To Make Meal Prep More Enjoyable

Meal prep can get boring after a while, can’t it? You’re cooking the same sets of 7 meals in rotation and freezing them to eat later - it doesn’t sound like much fun on paper. Plus, it can take a lot of time to batch cook meals, which is ironic if you’re trying to save time during the week! 

That’s why you should use the tips below to make meal prepping a lot more enjoyable. Yes, it’s possible to have fun while cooking, even when you usually hate spending time in the kitchen! Healthy food doesn't have to be boring, nor does the process of putting a nutritious meal together. 

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Have Different Cuisine Weeks

What’s getting you bored about meal prepping? For most people, it’s the food they’re cooking. You can get into a real routine about the ingredients you use, and you buy the same few things every time you hit the grocery store. If that sounds like you, it’s time to try out different cuisine weeks. 

One week you cook solely Italian food, then you go a week where you prepare foods you’d eat on a daily basis, then you do Mexican week, and on and on the cycle should go. Whatever cuisines you’re a fan of, learn how to cook them, buy the ingredients, and eat only those foods for the week ahead. That’ll certainly break up the tedium! 

Customize Your Labels

You’re not working out of a professional kitchen where everything has to look sleek or minimalist. You’re making meals in your own kitchen, according to your own favorite tastes, and that means you can throw a dash of personality into the mix. To start with, you should think about customizing your pot or box labels. 

You can easily make stickers online that say whatever you need them to, and you can throw in some fun patterns, accompanying pictures, and even little sayings that make you laugh. The more of a personal spin you put on the finished item, the more enjoyable the process is going to be. And remember, you’re going to have some delicious meals to dig into once it’s all cooked up! 

Prep with Friends

Meal prepping is a good social activity - did you know that? You can pull a few friends into your kitchen for the day and all cook together, or cook each other meals you think they should try out. 

Preparing with friends goes a long way to breaking up how boring the meal prep day can be; you’re not just stuck in a kitchen with a podcast in the background. Your best friends are there with you, you’re all taking part in cooking something, and you can have a real laugh about it as you go. 

If you meal prep on a regular basis, this is the post to keep in mind! Bring your friends into the kitchen, try out different world cuisines each week, and have fun decorating your meals once they’re ready to store.

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