How to Make Your New House Feel like a Home

You have purchased a new home and are excited about having guests over. However, standing before you is an empty space, and you have no idea, quite frankly, of how you are going to change this drab place into one that is not only inviting but cozy as well. As opposed to considering decorating a chore, think about your home as an empty palette that you can personalize with your own touch.
Making your space feel like home can be done in any number of ways. Homeowners can go all out to make sure their space has the requisite central air or gas wall heater installed for comfort during the winter months, and they can also totally remodel the home to update. However, homeowners can also do simple things to make the home more comfortable.
Continue reading for a few great ways that you can make your new house feel like a real home for you and your family.

Dash Of Colour
The first thing that can change the mood in the room is the color on the walls. For a very traditional look, homeowners can use neutral tones to brighten the walls. For a somewhat whimsical look, consider playing with colors outside the traditional neutral tones. Tones of red, blue, purple, and green all make a drab living room very interesting.
Keep in mind though, when painting rooms with little light, you want to go with light colors because they make the room appear brighter than it is. Conversely, rooms that have a lot of light would benefit from darker colors, which can mute some of the natural light that comes into brightly lit rooms. Furthermore, smaller rooms painted with bright colors will appear larger and those painted with dark colors will appear smaller.
If trying for a cozy feel, avoid clunky, heavy furniture that takes up a lot of space. Homeowners can decorate their home with solid pieces for the various rooms but they should also mix it up with lighter pieces. For example, instead of a sectional that takes up the entire living room, consider purchasing a futon, a papasan chair, or even bean bags in different colors to change the mood in the room.
When looking for coffee and end tables, find lighter alternatives than the usual wood. Glass tables, for example, can make for great additions to a comfy home. Consider purchasing unvarnished wooden cabinets and then applying the appropriate varnish, as they come in a number of colors.
Tapestries And Rugs
Complement your furnishing with wall tapestries that can make a nice change to traditional pictures. Moreover, if your home is not carpeted, consider placing large area rugs in the living room or dining room for more appeal. Both of these accessories can make the place very cozy.
Throw Pillows, Blankets, And Other Accessories

Silky, patterned and just off-beat pillows can make your place even homier. With the various home-decorating stores around now, you can find just about any type of pattern for pillows, from pillows made of silk material to those made of jeans. In addition to pillows, soft, textured blankets can add warmth to the feel of the home. Throw in some scented candles in the appropriate candle plate, and you have just decorated the ultimate hangout. These accessories are the final touches that can really mean the difference in a place that is furnished and one that has been decorated.
A Comfy, Cosy Space
Today, your comfy cozy space does not have to come at an exorbitant cost. Between the cost of the paint and accessorizing your space, the amount of effort and creativity invested will be well worth the decoration. There is nothing that takes the place of coming home to a space created and designed for your tastes.

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