How to Plan the Perfect Menu for Your Wedding

If you think about the last time you went to a wedding as a guest, you very likely won’t immediately recall the color of the napkins or whether or not you threw confetti or blew bubbles for the big sendoff. Instead, the things you remember probably include the music, the venue, and the food. In fact, more often than not, guests remember the food they had at a wedding more than anything else.

The food you choose to serve at your wedding should reflect the personal tastes of you and your fiancé but also be appealing to a large number of people. For better or for worse, you and your guests will remember what was served and whether or not it fits the bill. 

With so much pressure, it can be tough to know where to begin when it comes to planning your ideal wedding menu. Here are a few tips that can help you get started.

Don’t Overlook the Drinks

It is tempting to neglect the drinks side of things for your wedding and just simply purchase a generic beverage package so that you can move onto the food items that you will be serving your guests. However, it is important that you don’t overlook this aspect of your menu. A poor wine selection can overshadow whatever glorious meal you are serving your guests, and there is nothing that can put a damper on the party quite like running out of a popular beverage early on.

A wide selection, good quality, and excellent service are all things that you will want to have as part of your alcohol and beverage package for your wedding day. Websites like can help you find just that. With the help and guidance of experienced professionals, you can design a bar package to suit your wedding day perfectly.

Make It Cohesive

When you set out to plan the actual food that will be served at your wedding, think about options that will complement the event you are planning. Are you organizing a rustic country-style wedding complete with sunflowers and cowgirl boots? Why not go for some dressed-up barbeque food like smoked prime rib or BBQ chicken skewers? By tailoring the food that you serve to the theme of your event, you are more likely to create a cohesive and memorable day for you and your guests. 

Avoid the Generic

While there is nothing wrong with looking to save as much as possible on the food at your wedding, you don’t have to restrict your guests to the classic “chicken or fish” options in order to stay within your budget. Rather, avoid the generic without breaking the bank by sticking to some simple tips

For example, when selecting any fruits and vegetables, go with the things that will be in season so as to avoid overpaying for out-of-season foods. Also, it’s ok to keep things simple as long as you go with a pop of flavor. Chicken dishes can go from dull to delicious with a little boost from ingredients like fresh basil and balsamic. 

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