How to smoke a brisket with your smoker thermometer

Brisket has always been a favorite amongst so many restaurant chefs – it’s right from the breast or lower chest of a cow and also rich in connective tissues. Therefore, it requires a low and slow procedure to have the muscle relaxed into the moist goodness. 

What a pleasure that is hardly achieved with a faster method! Are you having the best smoker thermometer now? Here’s how to make your smoked killer brisket with it to keep the meat amazingly tender:

1-Special-order your high-quality brisket
It’s highly recommended to order the brisket in advance since the brisket found at the meat counters tends to be not whole. Try to do this at every butcher shop or even at a local grocery store nearby. Require the one that must be evenly thick as much as possible with the surrounding fat chopped off to 1/4” thick (it will help to guard the meats against getting dry while cooking).

2-Season the brisket all over 
It takes about one hour by the time you’re about to prepare the grill, let’s put the brisket on a baking sheet. Add salt and pepper in a little bowl to season the meat as a whole. Do this step before letting the brisket sit at your room temperature for an hour. Don’t skip doing this because seasoning brisket is essential for you to get the best flavor out of your meat! 

3-Get the grill ready
This is for those using a smoker. Fill charcoal in your chimney starter, light and burn until they’re surrounded by a lean film of ash. The chimney’s contents are placed in one of the grill’sides, and make sure to put 3 wood chunks next to the coals. Doing so will help your wood to catch slowly while putting them on top of coals easily burns them fast. 

After placing the grate on grill and cover it, then stick any of your smoker thermometers through the vent. Heat it once it reaches 225 – 250 degrees. Next, adjust vents both at the bottom and on the top of the grill to maintain the temperature.

4-Control the heat 
Control vents for tighter temperature control and don’t forget to check coals and wood every 45 minutes. Fill coals in the chimney halfway before adding them to grill. Once they’re blanketed with a lean film of ash, then it’s great! In case you’re a badass heat controller, then it’s unnecessary to fill coals in 4 or 6 chimneys for smoking brisket. Keep them around 2 – 4 chimneys only. 

As for the hardwood, transfer it to a hotter area when you find it needed, or basically fill more chunks to maintain the smoking level. Always keep repositioning the top vent on the lid over the brisket and away from heat while you’re replacing.  

5-Be aware of when it’s all done!
Note that continue smoking your meat and then rotating it every 3 hours as well as flip it over whenever you find it needed (the top or bottom can be coloring quicker than the other side). Do this until your meat becomes moist and tender yet not falling apart at all. Make sure to avail your smoker thermometer by inserting it into the meat’s thickest area that reaches 195 – 205 degrees. Keep doing this for 10 – 12 hours. 

After it’s done, move the brisket to one carving board to let it relax for 30 minutes at least. Next, slice it against the grain a half millimeter thick. Lastly, serve it with a bowl of shredded cabbage and carrot, potato salad and some pinto beans.   

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