How to Spatchcock Smoke Roasted Turkey: Step By Step

It doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving time for you to enjoy the incredible taste of Turkey, and there is truly nothing like the flavor of this bird when it is Spatchcock smoke roasted. This style of cooking not only helps to give a flavor and taste that is beyond words, but the smoky flavor penetrates every morsel of the bird giving it a flavor that will keep you coming back for more.

There are many great advantages to cooking this way that even go beyond flavor. You will likely find that the cooking time takes half of what you would spend using your oven, because the heat is distributed in a way that cooks the bird more quickly and effectively. 

It is true that using a turkey fryer may cook the bird just as effectively, but smoking it reduces a lot of the fat and grease you would have, giving you a much healthier Turkey. Plus you don’t have a large amount of Turkey fryer oil left over.

While this sounds like a great option to you, it takes a little bit of expertise to smoking your bird. To help you, here are some instructions that will make your process whole lot better.

Find the Right Turkey 

Much of your success in cooking your Turkey using the spatchcock smoke roasted grill technique comes in your preparation. The turkey you want should be measured by the idea that it takes about one half of one pound to feed each person. What that means is that if you are having 20 people over, you need a 10 pound turkey. If you would like to have leftovers for a few days to feed 10 people, then you need a 15 pound turkey.

Just so you know, most turkeys that you buy at the supermarket have saline solution injected in them so they will stay moist during the cooking process. There are some who will tell you that this will not cooked properly using the smoker, but that is not the case at all. You can have an incredible flavor regardless of whether the turkey is a wet brining or dry.

Prepare Your Area

You are going to need some space to prepare your Turkey, at least 3 ft.² to each side. Make sure that this area is clean thoroughly, because raw poultry can easily become contaminated by other forms of food. Remove the inside, such as the neck and gizzard, from the cavity before getting started.

Next, on your cutting board, placed the turkey on the breast side facing the cutting board. What you will need to do is use some’s sharp scissors to cut through the backside of the turkey, so that the rib area is completely cut in half. The cut should be done from the head area down to the butt. While cutting, you can remove the backbone altogether if you so wish.

Next, turn the turkey over onto the cut side and push down to flatten the turkey. To flatten the bird, turn out the thighs so they lay flat on the cutting board, and press on the breastbone of the turkey until you begin to feel it snap under the pressure. Cut behind the back of the turkey while holding the wingtips so that they flatten as well.

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Seasoning Your Bird

Once you have done this, it is time to season and flavor your Turkey the way you like it. The seasoning of your Turkey is to whatever taste you desire. Many like to use an herb butter glaze that they spread over the turkey, but if you have flavor you truly love then spread it liberally on both sides of the turkey.

Cooking the Bird

To cook a 10 pound turkey using your spatchcock smoke roaster should take just about 45 minutes at 450°. That doesn’t seem like very much time, but this is one of the big advantages of using this kind of cooking technique in comparison to using the oven or other options. You can get a great tasting bird, cooked to perfection, in a relatively short amount of time. This helps to ensure that if your day is getting away from you not only on any particular occasion but any other day of the year instead, that you still can prepare an amazing meal for family and friends and you don’t even need to tie up your oven, so you can cook other things at the same time.

This obviously has great advantages over other forms of cooking as well, like using a turkey fryer. You don’t have to worry about somebody accidentally knocking over the appliance and turkey fryer oil getting on you or someone else. From a safety standpoint, this is a big winner.

As with any other food you are cooking, you simply need to watch your grill while the turkey is roasting. Rotate on a regular basis to ensure that it is cooking evenly, but you will likely find that this is something you don’t need to do more than every 10 or 15 minutes.

If you would like, you can coat the turkey with butter or some other kind of glaze while it is cooking to ensure that it stays moist and has the flavors you desire. This is clearly a choice depending upon what flavor you are looking for.

Before removing from the grill, check to make sure that the turkey has cooked all the way through. This can easily be done by simply piercing a fork through the turkey breast area and pulling back to ensure that it is cooked fully.

That is all there is to it. In about an hour’s period of time you can have an amazing dinner that didn’t have you locked to the kitchen all day long. It truly is a magnificent way to cook a fantastic tasting bird.

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