How To Stay Healthy As You Age With Herbalife Nutrition

Overall, people are living longer and that's great news. However, lifespan isn't the only health metric you should be thinking about. An equally important consideration is your quality of life as you age. Dr. David Heber, Chairman of the Herbalife Nutrition Institute, recently reported on two important health trends that people should be thinking about as they grow older. These health trends and interrelated and could significantly improve your quality of life at any age. However, they will help people who are middle aged or older the most. 

Below, we describe the two major health trends Dr. Heber draws attention to and we give you practical tips on how to use them to stay healthier and improve your quality of life as you age. We'll also explain how Herbalife Nutrition products in particular can help you achieve these health goals more easily and more completely. While it's never too late to start incorporating these healthy strategies into your daily routine, you'll reap even more benefit by starting as young as possible. So, even if you're a young adult, don't delay getting started. If you're middle aged or an older adult, don't dwell on any bad habits you may have had in the past. You will still reap substantial benefits by incorporating these health trends into your life starting now!

Trend #1: Eating More Protein, Better Quality Protein, and Protein Pacing

Herbalife Nutrition uses scientific research to formulate all of their products. Therefore, it's no surprise that Dr. Heber points to exciting new research published recently (October 2018) in the Journal of Dairy Science. This study clearly demonstrates the power of protein in reducing blood glucose and appetite. The research was led by Professor H. Douglas Goff in the Human Nutraceutical Research Unit at the University of Guelph in collaboration with scientists in the Department of Food Science at the University of Toronto.

Before we discuss the details of the study, let's first let's talk about the effect of milk proteins on hormonal regulation -- not something talked about a lot but should be. There's a whole body of research now that demonstrates that when you consume milk proteins, both whey and casein, these proteins stimulate your gastrointestinal system to produce hormones that slow down the digestion process. These are called "glucoregulatory hormones" because they "regulate" glucose metabolism. This has the effect of lowering the spike in blood glucose levels after meals and in fasting levels of blood glucose. This in turn triggers a whole host of metabolic advantages that has the potential to radically improve your health. 

With lower blood glucose levels, you'll feel full sooner and for longer. You reduce or eliminate those crazy cravings that make you rush off for another sugar filled coffee drink, hit the vending machine at work, or cave to the temptations of sugary treats in the check out line. Lowering your blood glucose levels also helps you deposit less fat and burn fat more efficiently as you go about your day. Lower blood glucose levels also stave off quality of life lowering diseases like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Dr. Goff's team designed their experiment exceptionally well which increases the value of this work. There were a total of thirty-two participants, exactly half female and half male, ranging in age from eighteen to thirty years old. All were a healthy weight with a body mass index of less than twenty-five. They excluded from the study any individuals with medical issues that might artificially skew the results or complicate the interpretation of the results. These included food allergies, gastrointestinal issues, and high blood sugar (pre-diabetes and diabetes). They also excluded anyone who smoked, used recreational drugs, or took prescription medications other than birth control because these factors could have  skewed the results as well. Elite level athletes were not included for similar reasons. Their physiological responses might be better than the average healthy young adult just because they train so hard (hint: exercise more if you want to improve your health!).

The participants were randomly split into five groups but they weren't told which group they were in. All participants across all groups were asked to fast for twelve hours before coming to the lab to eat breakfast and later lunch. For all participants across all groups, breakfast consisted of two servings of Honey Nut Cheerios which constituted a typical high carbohydrate breakfast. Lunch consisted of cheese pizza, again high carb. What varied between groups was what each group was given to put on the cereal (or drink along with the dry cereal) and what was drunk with the pizza. This included water, regular milk, and milk with three times the normal amount of milk protein ("high protein milk"), including different ratios of whey and casein. Note, you can think of a tasty Herbalife24 Herbalife Nutrition Shake as a "high protein milk" too if you use cow's milk to make the shake. Again, the researchers used exceptional experimental design, making sure to keep everything as constant as possible between groups other than the variables of milk and water. They even had all of the participants eat at a steady and similar pace.

The results of this carefully designed experiment are great news for Herbalife Nutrition fans! First, participants who consumed regular milk, along with the high carbohydrate double serving of cereal, had significantly lower spikes in their blood glucose levels after breakfast compared with their water/cereal counterparts. Second, those participants who used high protein milk in their cereal had even lower spikes in their post-meal blood glucose levels! This was true even two hours later and again after lunch! When thinking about this result, remember that an Herbalife24 Formula 1 Sport Shake is essentially a high protein milk shake if you use cow's milk, along with a lot of other amazing nutrients including prebiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Third, a modest decrease in pre-lunch blood glucose and appetite was observed for those participants who consumed milk with a higher whey content.

With regards to the last result, take a look at the ingredient list on Herbalife Nutrition's Herbalife24 ACHIEVE Protein Bar, containing twenty grams of protein. The first ingredient listed is "protein blend" and in parentheses it says protein blend is "whey protein isolate, milk protein isolate." "Milk protein isolate" is a powdered form of whey and casein proteins derived from cow's milk that are in the same ratio (proportions) as what you find in liquid cow's milk and you'll note that it also contains extra whey. The protein in this Herbalife Nutrition healthy snack is similar to the high protein milk with higher whey ratios that Dr. Goff and his team used and produced the best results in terms of lower blood glucose levels and appetite suppression. 

Whey has a more immediate effect on gastric hormones while casein has a slower more lasting effect, as well as delays gastric emptying (when food is moved from the stomach to the small intestine) which affects appetite between meals. This is why diabetics, those suffering with obesity, and those predisposed to any of the metabolic diseases through genetics, lifestyle, or age are often instructed by health professionals to make sure they eat protein for breakfast and to eat protein with carbohydrate. Science is also proving that milk proteins are among the best quality proteins to consume to thwart or improve these health conditions, especially in the morning as you start your day. In fact, milk proteins have been shown to work even better than eggs. Herbalife Nutrition meal replacements and snacks make it much easier to get your milk proteins, along with all the other nutrients you need, even if you have a serious time crunch in the mornings or don't feel like cooking in the evenings.

Herbalife Nutrition's Herbalife24 line of products are a really easy way of adding more whey and casein protein (milk protein) into any meal or healthy snack. For example, if you drink an Herbalife24 Formula 1 Sport Shake for lunch, a meal that takes less than two minutes to prepare, you'll get nine grams of milk protein (both whey and casein), thirteen grams of carbohydrate, twenty vitamins and minerals, one thousand milligrams of L-Glutamine, and a good dose of antioxidants. This assumes you use eight ounces of cow's milk and two scoops of Herbalife24 Formula 1 Sport Shake powder to prepare your shake.

Now let's move on to "protein pacing," a buzzword rapidly gaining popularity in health circles today. Although the concept is not entirely new, this concept is being newly discovered and refined in terms of method. What is protein pacing? Simply put, it's exactly what it sounds like. Instead of eating the majority of your protein in one meal, or two, you are more careful to "pace" yourself and spread your protein out throughout the day. So, if you are practicing protein pacing, you'd include a healthy amount of protein in all three meals and in your  mid-meal snacks. Again, Herbalife Nutrition meal replacements and snacks are designed to be super convenient, and therefore, make the goal of protein pacing much easier to accomplish.

Research backs up the idea that pacing your protein throughout the day will give better health results rather than eating the bulk your protein in one or two meals. For example, a 2014 research study entitled, "Dietary protein distribution positively influences 24-h muscle protein synthesis in healthy adults," published in the Journal of Nutrition, demonstrates this nicely. The researchers point out that the recommended daily requirements (RDA) for protein list the amount of protein an average person should eat in a day but the RDA does not indicate how that protein should be distributed throughout the day. They also point out that most people tend to eat most of their protein for their evening meal, with breakfast and lunch being much lower in protein. Their study showed that when protein is spread out equally between all three meals, it has a positive effect on muscle synthesis! This is particularly important to older adults whose bodies tend to lose muscle mass.

Herbalife24 ACHIEVE Protein Bars would seem to be the perfect healthy snack between meals and people rave about their taste. They come in two flavors, chocolate chip cookie dough and dark chocolate brownie. Herbalife24 ACHIEVE Protein Bars are a great way to get more whey and casein protein into your diet and help pace your protein out throughout the day. Each bar is individually wrapped so it's easy to stuff these Herbalife24 ACHIEVE Protein Bars into your purse, backpack, gym bag, briefcase, or desk drawer at work. We all know the more convenient a healthy snack is the more likely it will be consumed on a regular basis and chosen over less healthy snacks!

Trend #2: Body Shaping Through Diet and Exercise

Some people undergo painful cosmetic procedures like tommy tucks and liposuction on their thighs to achieve the body shape they want. Regardless of the marketing literature, these procedures are painful. To add insult to injury, people pay major money for these procedures. It's also true that people are focusing more on natural ways to shape their bodies and they are focusing on body shaping more than just "losing weight" or "getting thin." Luckily, Herbalife Nutrition health coaches have been spreading the word that you can achieve good "body shaping" results, or "re-shaping your body" as some people prefer, by eating differently and exercising. You don't need surgery and you don't need to starve yourself! 

Herbalife Nutrition shakes and snacks give people an easy and convenient way to take a more natural approach and people have been talking about their great results using Herbalife Nutrition products in 1980. Further, if you focus on shaping your body with diet modification and increased exercise, rather than starving yourself or surgery, you'll not only improve your outward appearance, you'll improve the inner health of all your major systems. In other words, you'll end up being more healthy both inside and out.

Herbalife Nutrition products can make your body shaping goals easier in a number of ways. Here are just a few of them:

- Herbalife Nutrition high protein shakes and Herbalife Nutrition high protein bars can help you build more muscle. We've already discussed some of the ways this magic happens.

- Herbalife Nutrition high protein products can help you replace the muscle protein you break down during exercise.

- Some Herbalife Nutrition products can help you recover faster from your workouts so you can feel good about doing more physical activity. A good example would be Herbalife24 Restore capsules containing curcumin, elderberry, Saberry, vitamin c, and beta carotene.

- Herbalife Nutrition products can help your body work more efficiently during exercising and while at rest. A good example of this is Herbalife24 CR7 Drive. With the proper nutrition and a well-conditioned body, you can actually lose weight while you sleep.

People have different body types and it's important to consider your body type before developing an exercise routine. Apple shapes, where the fat is concentrated in the middle, will want to focus on exercises to decrease belly fat. Anything aerobic is great for this, including brisk walking. For pear shapes, where fat is concentrated more in the hips and thighs, you'll want to concentrate on exercises that decrease the fat in these trouble spots and build the major muscles of your legs. Resistance training is perfect for this. Check with your local gym for suggestions.

As you grow older, it becomes increasingly important to maintain your muscle mass and grow more muscle if you can. Eating more protein, along with strength training exercise mixed with aerobic exercise, helps you build more muscle mass. Protein pacing, as discussed above, helps too. According to Dr. Heber with the Herbalife Nutrition Institute, you will burn 140 more calories on average for every ten pounds of new muscle you gain. If you add that up for the year, you'd be burning on average an extra 51,100 calories just by making that one change and adding an extra ten pounds of muscle mass to your body! Here's the best part: adding muscle mass makes losing weight and or maintaining a healthy weight much easier!

Dr. Heber recommends that you combine resistance training and strength training with changes to your diet at the same time you add more lean protein. Herbalife Nutrition products, including the Herbalife Nutrition shakes and Herbalife Nutrition protein bars, makes this much easier to do because these are "mix and serve" or "grab and go" high protein meal replacements and snacks. In fact, you can easily increase the protein content of your Herbalife Nutrition shakes even more by adding Herbalife Nutrition Personalized Protein Powder. This will also give you more variety in your protein consumption which is also healthy. This product contains both soy protein and whey protein and a complete balance of all nine essential amino acids. 

Another good tip is to drink Herbalife24 Rebuild Strength within thirty minutes of your workout to protect your muscles, grow new muscle mass, and recover more quickly. Each serving of Herbalife24 Rebuild Strength contains twenty-four grams of high quality whey and casein. If you're practicing protein pacing, this would be a good way to slip in an extra serving of protein during the day if you exercise regularly (and you should!). If you're working out at the gym, it's best to drink Herbalife24 Rebuild Strength before you go home so you can get it into your system within that thirty-minute window when it will provide the most benefit to your body.

Good luck to you. We hope these specific tips help you improve your health and your overall quality of life! Herbalife Nutrition makes these goals easier and more doable.

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