Last-Minute Moving Tips to Make the Transition Comfortable

Moving can be a troublesome time because of all the concerns and issues that you might run into. Luckily, with the right assistance and tips, you can easily handle a move with minimal effort and maximum efficiency. Facing the prospect of a last-minute move to your new property? Don’t worry–we’ve got the perfect tips to help ensure that the move is fast, safe and comfortable for you and your family.

Get in touch with services

Whether it’s a friend with a pickup truck that owes you a favor or local moving companies, it’s vital that you aim to contact your services as soon as possible and plan ahead for the dates. If you’re moving in a hurry, then calling a moving company is likely the best option because they’ll likely have rushed services that can give you almost immediate service.

Gather packing materials

If you’ve been holding onto boxes and foam for a while then it’s time to finally break those supplies out and use them for your move. If you don’t have anything available to help you pack then you’ll likely have to go to a local convenience store for packing materials, or even consider taking home a couple of flat-packed cardboard boxes from your workplace or from a friend. The more of these boxes you can, the easier it’ll be to gather up all your stuff.

Stay healthy with your meals

Just because you’re moving it’s no excuse not to cook some healthy meals! While you might not have access to a full range of cooking equipment, there’s one particular piece of hardware that is great for moving; the microwave! It only requires a single power plug and is a great way to heat up food. When you’re planning your move, cook up a couple of meals and keep them in prepared food boxes so you can heat them up for a quick healthy meal during your move.

Start early and don’t procrastinate

The last thing you want to do is end up with a mountain of stuff to pack during the last few days of your move. Make sure you get an early start and pack things up as soon as possible. Get a bunch of boxes and start putting away items that you likely won’t need for a while. Get yourself a weekend bag and put all of your necessary things in there such as your toiletries, a few changes of clothes and any work-related materials that you might need.

Be systematic about your approach

If you’re systematic and pack room by room then you’ll have a much easier time labelling everything as you pack. Start with one room and pack up everything that isn’t essential, label it, pack it away and then move on to the next. This will ensure that you get everything out from a room and means you won’t be living in a home filled with cardboard boxes for a few days while you get everything sorted.

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