Guide to Organic Shopping on a Budget

Organic food is no longer a fad and is definitely here to stay. My dad often chuckles at the organic food "craze" saying that is basically eating food the way "we used to eat". And he's right. Eating food that is pure, with no pesticides and preservatives have become on the forefront of many health conscious shoppers. The problem lies in being able to afford organic groceries. Most families are on a strict budget, and although one may desire to purchase all their families food organic, it may not always be cost-effective. Here are some of Momma Cuisine's tips on how to afford organic foods while sticking to a budget.   

  • Buy in bulk – Items like grains, legumes, canned goods and household items can save you some cash when purchased at larger amounts.
  • Family Food Trends – Take a look at food trends in your own home. These ingredients may be worth buying organic since you and your family eat them often. (I have 3 kids, 10 years old and younger, so I most often buy organic milk and cereal because these are foods that my kids eat on a daily basis).
  • Plan Meals (Make a List) – As annoying as it may sound, planning (or at least a game plan) of the meals your intending to prepare for the week will help you to stay clear of purchasing ingredients you will not use that end up in the garbage.
  • Stay Fresh – Buying as much fresh items and staying away from pre-made meals and food sections will help you to maintain your budget when shopping for organic foods.
  • Eat More Vegetables – Eating less meat may not be easy if you and your family are carnivores. But, eating more fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet will not only help you stay healthy, your pocket will be healthier too! J
  • Use Coupons – Couponing is a hot topic these days, and many way hesitate because of lack of time and energy. But saving a few dollars here and there will help you save bucks in the long run. Coupons by and Wadav coupon or Goli coupons is a great way to find coupons and save  money.
  • Buy Generic (Store Brand) – Generic brands have come a long way. Many health food stores and even big box grocery stores have high quality, premium organic brands that are often at a fraction of their brand name counterparts.

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