Look More High Fashion with these 5 Simple Tricks

High fashion isn’t all about big brands and catwalks in Milan, there are plenty of simple ways that you can upgrade your look without spending big bucks. 

Upgrade the Necessities 
Just because everyday items are a necessity doesn’t mean that they can’t be an accessory. Glasses, for example, are often seen as pure necessity, so much so that many people don’t consider the fashion value that a good pair of glasses can bring. With the right frame and colour scheme, a good pair of glasses can really tie an outfit together, whilst attracting attention for all the right reasons. It’s a common misconception that only glasses that cost hundreds of dollars can look fashionable, but there are many well known brands, such as Nike glasses, which are extremely affordable and guaranteed to bring more glamor to your daily look.

Tie the Outfit Together with Accessories 
How many times have you put a wonderful outfit together only to think that there’s something missing that you can’t quite put your finger on? Accessories such as hats, necklaces and earrings are often ignored but can easily transform a good outfit into a great one. When wearing low necklines, accentuate the area with a delicate necklace to add some glitz and glamor, whilst simultaneously keeping it smart and sophisticated.

As fall and winter approach it’s extremely tempting to prioritize warmth and comfort over fashion by throwing on multiple sweaters and jackets. Whilst this will benefit your health and keep you safe from cold temperatures, it can be a huge hindrance to your overall look if your layering is not done correctly. To combine comfort and fashion ensure that you layer effectively, by paying close attention to details such as clashing colours and patterns. Effective layering will enable a chic, catwalk ready winter look without sacrificing the warmth needed to brave the winter blues. 

Even if your outfit doesn’t scream fashion, it can be easily fixed by wearing a smart jacket over the top. For colder seasons such as fall and winter, there are many comfortable heat retaining options that will ensure that you look as good as feel, such as long military jackets – the uniform style will ensure that you look classy and smart, whilst the length and thick material will do wonders in colder weather. For warmer weather such as in spring and summer, light jackets such as trendy bomber jackets and even simple leather (or faux leather!) jackets will easily and stylishly add up to date fashion to your closet without making you sweat. 

Pay Attention to the Details
It’s easy to damage clothes, even great quality brands fall victim to staining and snagging every once in a while, however just because an item is damaged doesn’t mean it’s deceased. You can easily tidy up shabby looking clothing with a few simple maintenance tricks such as snipping loose threads, replacing lost buttons and getting rid of snags on clothes. These small maintenances are not only quick and easy, but will improve your look without the removal of your favorite over-worn sweater. 

It is easy to assume that fashion ultimately equates to bring brand names that are way over your budget, but with these easy (and cheap!) tips, walking down the hallway will feel like you’re walking down the runway.

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