Maintaining Your Basement

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If your home has a basement, chances are, it was promoted as a benefit and a selling factor when you were buying your home. After all, who doesn’t want extra space for things like storage? Of course, when it comes down to it, most basements turn into disused and relatively neglected areas. People rarely want to spend time in there and, sometimes, the conditions don’t even prove appropriate for storage. It’s not all too surprising that many basements are abandoned and left without much use or purpose. Of course, this is a waste. You should be making the most out of every room in your property and your basement is no different. Here are a few ways you can improve and maintain your basement space, adding value to your property and providing yourself with more room to enjoy.

Clearing the Space Out

If your basement is full of clutter and junk that you don’t use on a day to day basis, you’re far from alone. A lot of people use their basement as a kind of dump for items that they don’t really want but aren’t ready to give away or throw away yet. This is understandable, but it must change. You’re wasting space in your property and the items could go to much better use if you’re not going to use them and if they don’t hold any sentimental value to you. Head into your basement and start decluttering. Go through your belongings and determine whether you really want to keep the items down there. Sort them into piles. If you want to use them and keep them, take them into the main body of your home and find a space for them. If not, make sure to sell items of value, give items to friends and family who may want them, donate them to a charity store or, at the very least, recycle them.

Making the Space Functional

Basements aren’t generally the cosiest of spaces as they are. But you can make changes to make them more comfortable and usable. First, make sure that there’s good lighting fitting. This will help you to actually see in the space. Next, implement basement moisture prevention and moisture control techniques. You may then want to consider heating options and ventilation options. This can make the space actually usable and liveable.

Consider Conversions and Renovations

Once the space is comfortable, usable and clean, you can consider some conversion or renovation work. This room could be whatever you want it to be. You could transform it into a guest room, a games room, a laundry room, a home cinema - whatever you want it to be. Professional architects and construction specialists will be able to help you with this, bringing your ideas to reality.

If you have a basement, some of the tips and tricks outlined above should help change it into a genuinely useful and enjoyable space in your home. Try following some of the steps suggested above and you should get the ball rolling in the right direction.

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