Oops! Common Garden Mistakes

When you are attempting to create the perfect garden, it can be harder than it looks. If you are working with a small space, it can be challenging to fit everything you want into the yard. While a big garden can mean a lot of work for homeowners to deal with. And it’s so easy to make errors when sorting out your garden. In fact, here are some common garden mistakes you need to avoid.

Cluttering the garden with flowers

When creating the dream garden, you are imagining a yard full of blossoming flowers. After all, the more gorgeous flowers and plants, the more color and character you will add to your garden. However, if you go a bit OTT, it can turn your garden from lovely to lame. After all, your garden can look cluttered and too busy with a ton of flowers. Not only this but if you add too many flowers, it’s not good for their welfare. After all, they will be fighting over the nutrients in the soil. And the ones who fail could end up dying, leaving your garden looking a sorry state. Therefore, make sure you scale back when it comes to the number of flowers. And make sure you check how much space they need before you plant them. That way, you can ensure they flourish while in the garden. 

Not going for low-maintenance 

A lot of people think that they will spend a ton of time in their garden. Therefore, they don’t mind going for things which are high-maintenance. However, a lot of people regret choosing these at a later date. After all, if they get busy with work or have a thriving social life, the last thing you will want to do is spend a ton of time in the garden. Therefore, it’s best to go low-maintenance when it comes to your garden. For one thing, you want to go for plants which don’t require a lot of tender care. And if you don’t fancy cutting the lawn every fortnight during summer, you might even consider going for artificial grass. You also need to go low-maintenance with the items in your yard. After all, you don’t want to go for something which needs a lot of TLC so that it survives all weathers. In fact, you really want to go for some rattan cube garden furniture which can be left outdoors all year round. That way, you won’t have to worry about the covering the items in winter!

Not thinking about safety 

It’s easy to forget about safety when you are creating the perfect garden. After all, you can get carried away and implement features without thinking about safety factors. Therefore, make sure you consider about safety when it comes to your garden. For example, you will want to put fencing around ponds if you have kids and animals who could easily fall in. And make sure you get a solid gate which will ensure no kids can pass. You can read my previous blog for more ideas on how you can keep the garden safe. 

And make sure everything looks well-matched in your yard. After all, if you go for lots of different items and colors, everything can start to clash. Therefore, think carefully before buying a load of things for your garden.

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