Organic Herbal Teas for Women's Health and Wellness with MoonTime Tea

Moontime Tea: Organic Herbal Teas for Women’s Health and Wellness

As Founder of and author of the Cooking for Fertility cookbook, Moontime Tea owner, Kathryn Flynn, has had the privilege of working with hundreds of women in fertility and pregnancy nutrition consultations.  

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One of the key recommendations is always to give up caffeine.  As you can imagine, giving up coffee is generally an unpopular idea in a society used to relying the fuel to make it through the day. I know it is nice when you can just do a quick trip to a trader joe’s for some coffee, and instantly have your dad brightened but in the long run, it is not worth it. 

As women, we are often managing many different roles and it’s not uncommon to reach for caffeine, as a solution to our energy needs.  But for women especially, caffeine is a known to disrupt endocrine function and deplete the body of micronutrients.  

The medicinal benefits of herbal teas have been well known since ancient times.  One of the intentions behind Moontime tea is to honor the ritual of sitting and taking time to nourish your self each day. Instead of draining your adrenals the way coffee does, our herbal teas for women replenish your very essence. 

Moontime tea creates delicious herbal tea blends for women at every phase of life.  Our blends are certified 100% organic by CCOF, naturally caffeine free and packed in convenient, chlorine free, tea bags. Each pouch contains 30 teabags to be enjoyed daily. 10% of our profits go back to supporting women’s causes. 

Choose from our four organic tea blends to meet the needs of different phases in your life:

Organic Fertility Tea: A delicious, blend of peppermint, red raspberry, red clover and nettles to support fertility.

Organic Libido Tea: A pleasurable blend of honeybush, cinnamon, damiana, ashwaganda root, nettles, vanilla and rose petals to vitalize libido.

Organic Cleanse Tea: A detoxifying blend of mint, dandelion, burdock root, fenugreek seed, milk thistle to cleanse and purify your system.

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Organic Whole Health Tea: A replenishing blend of turmeric, ginger and lemon rebuild your body’s whole health.

To learn more about Moontime Tea, please visit and use the code Momma20 at the checkout.  You can also find Moontime Tea on

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