So, I Visited Monsanto

A group of influencers in media and nutrition were invited by Illinois Farm Families to visit Monsanto facilities in the midwest. I wanted to attend the day trip to learn and see for myself about what Monsanto is up to. I know what I know from what I have read and have seen in the media. It's not good. But I wanted to come in with an open mind and try to learn why Monsanto does what they do. 

I can't say I fully understand this still. Food politics, societal ideals, media all plays a part. I can say that during the Q & A you can feel the tension of the attendees who all have so many questions they wanted answered about GMO's and Monsanto's role in our food. 

From what I saw there continues to be a huge concern about the modification of our crops and the long-term effects on our bodies with the rise of diseases that have become more and more the norm in a large part of our population. 

And on the flip side, the Monsanto advocates and representatives stand firm in their mission to help make our crops less susceptible to changes and produce more to feed the population.


I believe that as consumers and parents, we need to continue to have open conversations whether we understand, agree or disagree to have a better understanding of each other. I know this topic is so very complex, politics included, food supply, health, disease - all of it is part of this big picture conversation. 

All in all, I was glad I participated in the event because it made me see a different side. I want to have a better understanding for myself and children and even if I'm no expert, it was a good open conversation where I did a lot of listening of people expressing their thoughts, knowledge and understanding. 

Photo cred: Illinois Farm Families

Momma Cuisine was compensated to participate in this tour. 

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