Spice Up Your Life: How To Start Enjoying Spicy Food

Do you start to sweat whenever your tongue detects even the smallest bit of spice in a meal? We all have different tolerances to spice, so that’s why you might not be able to handle any dishes or ingredients that are incredibly spicy. But it doesn’t stay that way. It’s actually quite easy to increase your tolerance so that you can start to enjoy spicy dishes that are bursting with great flavors.

Ready to give it a go and spice up your life? Here are the steps you need to take to start enjoying spicy food.

No Pain No Gain

First things first - you need to understand that you will need to experience a little discomfort in order to build your tolerance. But like they say, no pain no gain, right? If you follow all of these tips, the pain shouldn’t be that bad and you will find that you’ll eventually build your tolerance for spice with relatively little discomfort.

Start With Gentle Spice And Work Your Way Up

It’s a good idea to build up your tolerance in small incremental steps. That way, you will be enjoying ghost pepper hot sauce on your meals before you even know it! So, for starters, why not add a bit more black pepper to your dishes. That will help your tongue get used to a hot peppery flavor. You can then start adding small amounts of mild sauces like sriracha. If you need to, these mild sauces can even be diluted in tomato ketchup. If you then start to increase the amount of spice over time, you will find that your tolerance builds.

Eat Slowly 

With some spices, the more you eat, the greater the spiciness will build. That’s certainly the case with capsicum, and you’ll find that if you eat a meal with a lot of it in, then the spiciness could quickly become overwhelming. So, take things slowly. The spiciness will then be steady, but a lot more tolerable for you.

Pair With Dairy

When you are just starting out with spicy food, it’s a good idea to eat it along with some coolants. They will help to keep your mouth cool through all the spice! So, if you are cooking up a hot curry, you might want to add a big spoonful of sour cream or natural yogurt on the side. Diary can prevent the spice from the hot food getting too hot, so you will find it easier to handle a lot stronger levels of spice.

Experiment With Different Cuisines

Every country uses spice a lot differently in its cuisine. For instance, Ethiopian and Mexican cuisines can both be quite spicy, but you will find that the flavours associated with the spice vary wildly. It’s a good idea to try out some different cuisines to see which one’s spiciness suits you best.

You don’t have to only eat mild food for the rest of your life - these handy tips can help you get used to a bit more spice!

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