Squirt Gun Games for Kids

Are you looking for the perfect games to take outdoor summer fun to a new level? Look no further than the squirt gun games. All you need to play these games is a squirt gun and water, making them a perfect choice for kids during birthday parties and family reunions. The water squirt gun games are ideal for adults too and should be on everyone’s summer bucket list. Here is a quick glimpse at how fun these games are! 

Beach Ball Race  
For the Beach Ball Race game, you will need a squirt gun for each of the players participating and inflatable beach balls. Once you have set the ball and guns, designate a start line as well as a finish line. Line up the balls at the start line. Get each of the players ready to play the game and on “GO,” the players will use their squirt guns to shoot their balls. The player whose ball crosses the finish line first wins the game. 
Fizzy Necklace Targets  
When playing the Fizzy Necklace Targets game, you will need an Alka-Seltzer necklace and a water gun. In this game, the players should make necklaces by using a needle to pierce a hole through the Alka- Seltzer tablets and put the tablets on a string to make a necklace. After making the necklaces, you should put them on and let them dissolve each other’s necklace by using the gun to spray water on them. The fun part about this game starts right from making the necklaces to trying to dissolve other players’ necklaces. 
Free Water Gun Tag  
The Free Water Tag gameplay is similar to that of other tag games. In this game, one player uses a squirt gun to tag other players by spraying them with water. After being tagged, you should remain in a frozen position until the other players unfreeze you by crawling between your legs. If by any chance a player is tagged while unfreezing other players, then both of them are frozen. Once all the players are frozen, the lead player (the one with the squirt gun) chooses another lead player and a new play cycle starts. If you looking squirt gun then go here to visit
Ping Pong Targets  
For this game, you will need the Ping Pong balls, empty water bottles, rocks (or dirt for weights), and a squirt gun. Fill the empty water bottles with rocks or dirt to add onto their weight so that the bottles do not move. Label the bottles with duct tape or a colored paper so that the players can identify their bottles. Place the Ping-Pong balls at the opening of the bottles and set the targets (bottles) in a row. Then, use sidewalk chalk or tape to mark a shooting line on which the players will step on when shooting the balls. To add fun and excitement in the PingPong Targets, you can place the bottles in a pyramid layout and place them further away from the shooters. 
Beach Ball Targets  
The Beach Ball Targets is an impressive squirt game that is perfect for both the young and the old alike. In this game, you will need beach balls, strings, and high power squirt guns. Hang the balls from branches by tying a string around the valve of each ball. Then, write different numerical values on the balls such as 5, 8, 10, 12, and 14. Ensure that the high point values are hard to hit to make the game more captivating and interesting. Lastly, line up the players and let them attempt to hit the most targets when the squirt gun is filled only once. 
There are limitless games that you can play using squirt guns. The best thing about these games is that there are no set rules on how they should be played. Instead, the players decide how they want to play them and can make any adjustments and variations they deem fit. Besides, the squirt gun games come in handy when you want your kids to spend some time together, or when you want your outdoor events to be filled with fun and excitement. Essentially, the games promote teamwork and may enhance creative thinking skills. 

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