Start Planning Better For 2021: Why Notebooks Matter To Organize Your Routine

According to research, it takes most people 66 days to form a new habit that then becomes automatic learned behavior. While that may seem like a considerable amount of time, if you want to make better plans in 2021 you need to start somewhere – and the sooner, the better!

To get yourself organized, it’s essential that you get into the habit of writing in personalized notebooks. Daily note keeping can help you maintain your focus and momentum, while also taking stock and renewing your approach.

A memo book is like a trusted friend that you can call upon whenever you need help with anything. Once you discover how easy it is to start planning better, with the aid of a stylish notebook, you’ll never want to be parted from it.

Choosing The Perfect Notebook

Before you can start planning better for 2021, you’ll need to choose where to keep your notes.

Choosing a journal that have a beautiful or striking foil embellished fabric hardback or softback photo cover will make the note taking experience much more pleasurable and enjoyable than if you were scribbling on a random piece of paper, or storing information in your mobile device.

You deserve a luxury bespoke diary that is unique, filled with blank high quality paper pages and include a wow factor cover. You can select a style and design that appeals to you, and customise it with your name written in lavish foiled lettering or a selfie photograph on the cover.

Practical Convenience At Your Fingertips

Having access to practical and user-friendly pads that you can transform into planners, timetables, and other helpful resources, allows you to lighten the load that your memory is storing. You can use them to list short-term tasks that help you achieve long-term goals, so that you don’t have to remember everything.

Personalized notebooks provide a convenient place to store information that you gather each day. If you tend to forget things, like the names of new people that you meet, you can easily jot it down, along with specific details about the person that will help your memory recall.

Valuing Your Ideas

When you’re engaged in the simple task of putting pen to paper, in order to express emotions or creative thinking, you are in the process of valuing your ideas above and beyond the tools that you are using.

There are no set rules to follow when you write down your thoughts in personalized notebooks that make life easier. There’s no need to learn how to use a specific device or application to record your intuitive notions. When you write by hand you’re also learning and absorbing more information than you would by tapping the words out into your smartphone or computer keyboard.

Free Expression

Memo books can be effectively used to convey countless forms of expression. When you’re trying to organize your daily routine and the schedules of family members, a notebook is invaluable. You can create a simple diary format that lists multiple activities and events, and also include additional information.

Sometimes, better planning can only be achieved by creating a visual mind-map of all of the relevant ideas. Mind mapping is a great tool for brainstorming solutions that simplify your routines at home and at work.

Having material support solves the dilemma of taking notes of new information that you need to learn. If you need to attend meetings, classes or seminars for study or work, your notebook can help you absorb the learning process faster.

If you’re artistically minded, a journal can help you record the snippets of inspiration that you receive throughout the course of a day. Scribbling down a few notes or a doddle is an easy way to remind yourself of an idea that you can explore in greater detail at a later date.

Fleeting ideas that pop into your head can also be instantly preserved in written format, saving you time in trying to remember them. When you get into the habit of regularly using your versatile diary, you can move from task to task without being distracted by incoming ideas.

Having a material support is also perfect for journaling, diary keeping and project work.

How To Effectively Use Personalized Notebooks

If you want to be a better planner having your notebook close to hand at all times is crucial.  If you’re a stationery lover or an avid list maker you’ll have no problem at all with using it every day.

You don’t need to have any order or rules when jotting down ideas. You may prefer to write a sequence of short bullet points that you can use to refresh your memory at a later time, or to have pages for specific activities and tasks. Whatever organizing system works for you is fine.

Attaching a paper clip to the inside back page is a good idea if you’re using your pad for practical housekeeping or business tasks that require you to keep scraps of paper like receipts or business cards. You can remove these later on when you’re processing the collection of handwritten notes for the day.

With lockdowns coming and going, we need to find new ways of keeping up our mental well being. Writing down your thoughts and keeping your records can be a very healing therapy.

Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels

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