The Secret Behind Excellent Dinner Parties - Is It All In The Food?

It might be that after binging a season of Come Dine With Me in one weekend, you feel as though a personal dinner party is around the corner, and boy, are you willing to give the best one possible. This is excellent! You deserve to feel excited and happy to celebrate good times with good friends. But after watching such a critical show, or perhaps simply led by your appreciation of your potential guests, it’s easy to feel extremely worried as to how you’ll perform. It might be that this is your first time ever hosting a dinner party, or perhaps your boss is coming over to potentially get on first-name terms with you, and this could herald a future promotion.

But what is the secret behind a dinner party? Well, good food, and ideally, great food. But anyone can tell you that. This post could recount recipes and perfect refreshments to bring to the table, but you can find that information anywhere else on our curated blog. Put simply, you’ll likely have a plan for the food.

So where is the surrounding secret that helps a truly memorable dinner party shine? Consider our tips:

It’s In The Setting

A good dinner party is nothing without the room it takes place in. You’re unlikely to experience a fantastic dinner party sat on couches watching the television, unless of course you’re with super close friends, or are celebrating with children. For more professional and formal dinner parties, it can benefit you to set up your dining area correctly. It might be you decide to revolutionize the furniture you all used to congregate. Choose timeless, high-quality pieces to give your dining room a sense of class, a sense of presence, and a sense of history. Of course, you needn’t decorate like the ritz, but a little forethought and planning can help a room truly shine, can comfort people, and serve as a wonderful conversation starter. Plus when the guests go home, you have a wonderful place to take your meals with your family 365 days a year.

It’s In The Conversation

No one really cares about what the topic of conversation is, but how people listen, are given a chance to express themselves and come away with something to think about. Just because your boss is over for dinner doesn’t mean you have to agree with everything they say. Deep conversation is an art more than anything else, but it requires willing participants ready to listen and ponder. Of course, this is never something to artificially generate. Sometimes a little forethought and humor goes a long way and can help even the most stuffy dinner party break into real fun, with or without a glass of wine to help.

It’s In The Pride

This is your home. Be proud of it. It might not be in a gated community, it might not have millions of dollars worth of furniture, and you may not have a six-foot oil painting of yourself overlooking the dinner table. But who wants this in the first place? The secret behind excellent dinner parties is feeling confident in your own space, to be proud of yourself, and to share that with other people. With that, the food will be catered for correctly, the refreshments will flow, and the conversation will remain good-nature.

With these simple dinner party tips, you’re sure to impress over and over again!

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