Things To Plan When Moving With Kids

Moving is not so easy task, and it only becomes more challenging when you have kids involved. That is because moving means that they have to leave what they are used to behind. Some kids may be happy with the decision, while others might be disappointed. Therefore, you should prepare your kids before the big day and explain the matter to them as to why you are moving. To help you out with this challenging task and get you through without any incidences, here are a few things that you should plan. Plan a list when moving with kids.


1. Notify The Kids Of The New Plan

If your kids are old enough to understand what is taking place, you should take time and discuss with them why this is necessary. The best way of doing this is by using enough details and exciting reasons as to why they would like to move. For example, if you are moving to a bigger house, you can let your kids know that they have an opportunity for each to get their room. This is undoubtedly exciting for kids who are used to sharing a room. Also, allow them to ask questions and be honest when giving them answers. This will help them understand the whole situation.


2. Get Rid Of Things You Do Not Need

Once you have agreed on relocating, the next step is to start planning early, and you can start by getting rid of what is not needed. Your kids can help you out with this task as they sort out their rooms. Make sure that anything is not used or not required is separated from other valuables. You can get rid of the unwanted stuff by organizing a moving away sale. This is also an opportunity for you to generate extra income, which you use to settle other moving expenses.


3. Plan For The Moving-week

You must hold a family meeting during the last week to make sure that everything is in order. Also, during this meeting, you need to discuss various things, such as what to eat and when to start packing as well for moving to another state. Another issue that you should not leave out during this meeting is transportation. Discuss the type of car you need and how much it will cost you.


4. Hire A Moving Company That Is Friendly With Kids

If you have a large family, you can consider hiring a moving company for relocating to another state. Moving professionals will make the work easier for you by doing most of the hard work. However, you still have to pack some of your belongings before the moving team arrives since they might charge you more if they help you to pack. Therefore, you should do some of the simple tasks for yourself, such as packing some of your valuables. The moving company staff can handle other challenging work such as loading and offloading of assets.


5. Create A To-Do List

Keeps your kids busy and excited so that they do not get bored with the whole moving idea. You can create a to-do list that will keep everyone busy. Some of the tasks you can include in these lists are cleaning duties and marking packing boxes. Such activity is easy and fun as kids use different color pens to keep packing containers.


6. Come Up With Room Plans For The New House

Another activity that will excite your kids about moving is creating room plans for their new home. Ensure that everyone participates in this activity, especially if each child is getting his or her room. Allow your kids to have a say when it comes to decorating their rooms. That means let them choose their rooms' colors and any other exciting features they would like to have.


7. Visit The New Home First If Possible

If you are moving to the neighborhood or town not far away, you can take your children to see the new home before moving. Besides seeing their new home, take them for a tour around the new town and visit a few public places such as libraries and schools. After such an experience, the kids will be able to give you their honest opinion.


8. Start The Journey Early

On the day you plan to move, make sure that you start the journey early. The last thing you want is to arrive at your new destination late at night. Therefore, make sure that everything is done during the day to avoid any inconveniences. Call the moving company early in the moving and stick to your schedule to do everything on time.



Moving has always been a challenge for many people, especially for those with kids. That is because a lot has to be done within a short period. However, by having an effective plan, you can successfully move without facing any issues.

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels

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