Top Kitchen Tools for Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is, of course, based on healthy and fresh ingredients. It’s not the thought that counts here; it is actually buckling down, picking fresh ingredients, and cooking from scratch. But you can enhance the healthy eating experience by ensuring you are using the right kitchen tools.

The right kitchen tools are important for healthy eating in two ways. First, they make the cooking process more fun and easier. This means cooking those healthy meals doesn’t seem like such a chore. You start enjoying the cooking experience more. The second important benefit for using kitchen tools is that it can actually help you be healthier. There are gadgets and gizmos that make your food healthier – for example, the different cooking methods of meat and vegetables can have an impact on the nutritional quality of the meat.

In essence, if you want to improve your healthy eating and take your healthy recipes to the next level, you need to add the right kitchen tools to your cabinets and counters. 

Here are the top kitchen tools for healthy eating.

A Spiralizer

Spiralizer is a kitchen must-have and the perfect tool for making your meals healthier. If you are cooking for kids, it’s especially great  - you can make spaghetti out of carrots and courgettes in no time. You can choose between a handheld and a standalone model. The handheld models are great for small kitchens and when you aren’t cooking for many people.

A Blender

You also need to purchase a blender. Again, you can choose between a blender that sits on a countertop and does it all for you or you can opt for a handheld model that you stick into your own pots and pans. The key things to consider are the ease of use and the ease of cleaning. The biggest reason people stop using blenders is the fact that cleaning can take forever with some models.

A Steamer

Steaming is healthier than boiling vegetables. When you boil things, you actually lose some nutrients in the boiling water. Steaming doesn’t create this problem and it leads to you enjoying healthier and tastier meals. 

It is possible to buy a standalone steamer to use for your veggies and even meats. But you could also opt for a combination steamer and a rice cooker. This is a great way of making the whole meal with a single gadget.

A Soda Maker

Kids are often fans of fizzy drinks and these can be a real health problem. You can solve the issue with a soda maker. These handy gadgets simply turn your water or any other liquid into carbonated water – it even works with flavoured water! You can say goodbye to sugar and start enjoying homemade carbonated drinks. 

An Oil Mister

It can be easy to get a bit heavy-handed with the oil sometimes. While oil is a healthy part of a meal – olive oil is especially good for you – you don’t want to overdo it. For this, an oil mister is a good purchase. You might be thinking that sprayable oil is the same thing. However, the bottles can cost a lot more and you have a much bigger choice of variety available when you can just buy an oil bottle and pour some of it into a mister. 

A Herb Mill

Adding fresh herbs to your food is a great way to enjoy more vitamins and minerals. However, chopping the herbs fresh can seem like a chore and the store bought ones cost a fortune. The solution is to buy a handy herb mill that works like a spice grinder. It’s the perfect tool for adding flavour and nutrients to your soups, salads and other meals.

Tupperware boxes in different sizes

Healthier cooking requires a bit of meal planning and meal prepping. You want to pre-make some of your meals to ensure you don’t end up ordering takeaway when you’re tired and in a rush. For this reason, you want to fill your cabinets with Tupperware boxes in a variety of sizes. These ensure you can pre-cook meals or just have your leftovers stored healthily.

Picking the right tools

Now, you can find the above tools from a variety of retailers and brands. It’s a good idea to read online reviews and check with your friends and family for suggestions. You will also want to compare prices and shop around to ensure your new tools don’t break the budget. You can often find great savings online – currently, you could pick Currys discount codes and enjoy discounts for the above tools from brands like KitchenAid, Joseph Joseph and Morphy Richards.

Healthy eating is really the secret to a more fulfilling and energetic life. You should pick your favourite tools from the above list and make healthy eating just slightly less stressful and more fun.

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