Useful Tips On How To Clean The Kitchen After Cooking

Whether you’re looking at washing mountains of dishes or deglazing pans, the work needed to clean up after a lengthy day in the kitchen can be even more exhausting than the cooking itself. While working your way through the kitchen and cleaning everything isn’t something you’re a stranger too, there are useful tips and tricks that you can use to make your task easier and to make sure that you don’t have to spend the rest of the day in the kitchen soaking your hands in detergent water while the rest of the gang is enjoying a full belly in front of the TV. That being said here’s what you can do to make cleaning the kitchen easier for you.

Soaking water for the baking equipment

Baking is great but the tins and trays you used for baking can be incredibly frustrating and tedious to clean. That’s why you should prepare some hot water before you finish baking. Once the baking part is all done and the trays are now empty, you should put them immediately in that hot water. Let them soak and when you return a bit later they will be a ton easier to clean thanks to the soaking session they’ve gone through.

Replace cleaning detergents with vinegar for your surfaces

Remember that your surfaces are also where you prepare the food you will eat. Try and replace the cleaning detergents you usually use with vinegar. You can use a bit of vinegar on a washcloth and use it to clean the surfaces. Applying a few drops right on top of an area that presents itself to be problematic will definitely make the vinegar more effective.

Using a homemade cleaner for your oven

Cleaning the oven can be especially difficult due to all the grease that forms over time. It can be a very hard place to clean for that matter, but there’s a solution for making it a lot easier. Take water and baking soda and mix them together. The result should come in the form of a paste which you will use to spread on the interior of your oven. Leave it like that for a couple of hours so that it absorbs all the grease and dirt. When you return, rinse the oven interior with clean water and see as it starts to glimmer once more.  This isn’t a magic trick and you can probably obtain the same results with a regular oven cleaning detergent but obviously that would imply using detergents a.k.a chemicals that are in no way, shape or form good for you or the food you are cooking inside that oven throughout the day.

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